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932Re: [Generation-Mixed] Greetings

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  • Tyrone Anderson
    Feb 16, 2006
      Hello Loretta
      Ty here
      paternal biracial grandfather: Cherokee & W. African
      maternal biracial grandfather: French Blackfoot & W.African

      Loretta <retgorden@...> wrote:
      interesting group here....

      while I am "African American" being that the African
      brought during the slavery period...there is also european
      through my father...american indian through my mother...
      its interesting to see the gene pool give up its "stuff"...

      looking forward to the thoughts, opinions, and insights here.

      oh..I'm new to this group....Hello all...


      "Man would rather be a little higher than the apes, than a little lower than the angels." -"I am Black & I am White, and know there is no difference. Each one casts a shadow, and all shadows are dark." -Walter White:
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