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931Re: [Generation-Mixed] One race preferance

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  • Li (wiseladyowl)
    Feb 15, 2006
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      Thank you sooo much for pointing out your comfort level with your blackness. The problem is not wether or not mixed kids are ok with the other half of themselves, no it is the "black" part of themselves that "some" seem to run away from. My kids are black and white but they are "black", and will not be seen as any thing else by this society and "ALL'' races come from the African gene so we are all "African" in origin. I have no problems with what folks call themselves but truly love your black side if you do because it is not generally cherished in this culture and too many of our black children hate themselves so lets not perpetuate this self hate any more. For your part I am so grateful to know how you feel sis keep it up!

      wintyreeve@... wrote:
      RE: When speaking of African Americans mixed with other races let's face it you will always be considered black no matter what you call yourself.
      I don't think that's true. I am African-American and mixed with all sorts of things--sometimes I am considered black but I have also been considered Indian, Hispanic, and sometimes people just can't figure it out and ask me. Maybe that's just where I live in Minnesota? Because my cousin lives down South and she says that anyone with any brown in their skin is considered to be "colored".
      RE :...so the term mixed race is a misnomer to me and lots of folks who looked white were still considered colored no matter how little of it showed itself.
      I am not trying to argue with you, but I just have to point this out. The opposite is true for my kids. My kids generally are considered "white" and I have to fight to get people to believe they are mixed race. The really sad thing is that I am more of a fighter than their dad...he actually asked me what race I should list the kids as on their school enrollment forms. I couldn't believe that he would ask something that, to me, seems so obvious--they are MIXED!
       I am ok with being human but this world has a name for me and it does not bother me one bit and my kids are ok with "ALL" of their human selves both black and white.
      Amen! I am so happy to hear that you are raising your children to have a good sense of self, and to be appreciative of who they are! Hopefuly, with enough mixed parents raising their children this way the next generation will be more respectful and tolerant of others--the labels won't matter.
      Blessings~ Lynn


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