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920Re: [Generation-Mixed] One race preferance

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  • Li (wiseladyowl)
    Feb 7, 2006
      When speaking of African Americans mixed with other races let's face it you will always be considered black no matter what you call yourself. Most of us are mixed folks as it is so the term mixed race is a misnomer to me and lots of folks who looked white were still considered colored no matter how little of it showed itself. The problem that "some" of us have with those who are mixed but want to identify "only" with the "other" parts of themselves is that they say it does not matter when in fact they hate the "black" part of themselves and will do anything to claim the other half. If indeed it does not matter than why would you care?  I am ok with being human but this world has a name for me and it does not bother me one bit and my kids are ok with "ALL" of their human selves both black and white. Hope this gives a little more insight for you and feel free to ask me questions either in private or on the board, peace and light!.....

      Baby Femme <femininemind@...> wrote:
      For personal reasons, it would be helpful for me
      to understand where a poster is coming from...
      it would be helpful and more insightful if you can mention if
      you prefer/relate to one race over the other and even why.
      I have a real situation and the information would be greatly
      appreciated if you feel led to share in this way. thank you.

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