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914Re: [Generation-Mixed] Re: A Note on 'Mariah Carey'

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  • Brittany Link
    Feb 6 8:48 PM
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      lately in her videos she tries so hard to be sexy it's obvious and tacky!

      Baby Femme <femininemind@...> wrote:
      I do not agree with THAT reply at all! She appears and arent
      appearances important with a "pop diva" confused to most people
      generally speaking. Now that she is seemingly trying so hard to get
      noticed in such a negative way is a travesty. She is plunging (no
      pun intended) to such a low level with her attempts to "be sexy".
      Just look at the Dont forget about us video...She is naturally so
      and so very talented. I find her new image a huge turnoff. She is no
      longer a role model for my little ones. Instead she is obviously
      competing for top sex singer image. She doesnt need to do that, why
      would she? Her voice is excellent, her style WAS classy. She has
      become not only just like the rest but lower. What is she trying to

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "Adeline" <adeline_gros@y...> wrote:

      I did buy this magazine just because Mariah was on the cover.
      I loved the way they portrayed her. She is indeed very
      misunderstood, and the article attempted to dissolve this image...
      So much integrity is lost trying to make money these days.

      For all the money, fame, good looks, and success she
      enjoys, it's poignant to attest she still struggles
      for identity, and be recognized for herself.
      I do not like the fact that she tries to make herself look
      "black" and appears so hip hop style in most of her videos.


      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "multiracialbookclub" <soaptalk@h...> wrote:

      Article on 'Mariah Carey':

      "This "mulatto" is hardly tragic.
      There is no haunting semblance to the
      1959 movie classic Imitation of Life.
      And Sarah Jane--the movie's beautiful, self-hating
      protagonist who abandoned her dark-skinned Black
      mother and chose to pass for White--does not live here.
      The woman who does live here in this expansive
      penthouse in lace Manhattan's Tribeca is Mariah Carey.
      She has jokingly described herself as a bit of a "mutt"
      (the offspring of an Irish-American morn and
      a half-African-American, half-Venezuelan dad).
      But she's not tragic. Not tragic at all.
      In some ways Mariah Carey, 35, is everything
      you would expect a pop diva to be" ... "

      For full article – click the following link

      (Source: Essence magazine / Date: April, 2005)

      Interesting Related Link:


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