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912Re: [Generation-Mixed] Re: A Note on 'Mariah Carey'

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  • wintyreeve@aol.com
    Feb 6, 2006
      RE Adeline: I do not like the fact that she tries to make herself look
      "black" and appears so hip hop style in most of her videos.

      To me-Mariah Carey looks like an ego maniac. She is always screaming these high notes and then feeling on herself. Gross!

      VH1 had this show on called "Hip Hop Sexploitation". Would not let a child watch it but for parents and teachers--it is an eye-opener. Basically, sex sells.

      The show talked about how women would audition for hip-hop videos and it was a meat market. The women had to wear next to nothing, and act like street walkers. Alot of the women were sexually harrassed--even grabbed in the privates and told if they did not have sex (with producers, artists, groupies, etc) that they would not get the job. The women who put out were often passed from one man to the next. They were treated like a piece of meat--and given degrading names. Once in the music industry, drugs and alcohol abuse was common. Alot of the women were encouraged to get high or get drunk and then taken advantage of. The men too--it was perceived as "cool" to be a drunk and stoned. And some women just loved all the attention, and the money they got from prostituting themselves. For an artist making millions of dollars a year, it was nothing to throw a couple thousand at these women. To the women it was alot of money, but I wouldn't sell my body for any amount! The glamor of being in the music industry became more important than self-respect or being a positive role model.

      But don't confuse this with being "black". I agree with Femininemind, these people are stooping to low levels, are confused, and are compromising their soul. Not all "Black" people are like this. That's the problem--people see this garbage on the videos and then it creates a false image that this is what "Black" is. Judge the behavior for what it is--don't judge the behavior and assume it is based on skin color or ethnicity.

      Peace, Lynn

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