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868Re: I found you...!

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Dec 27, 2005
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      Hi "KBI",

      Welcome to Gen-Mixed !!!!

      We are really happy to have you here and to see that you
      have become a part of our online worldwide community!

      This is a really great groups and the members are
      fantastic people -- thus, I'm sure you will really like it
      here; have some great conversations and meet great people!!

      A few years ago  I visited the UK -- and I just loved it!
      You must absolutely love living there!
      Were you born and raised in the UK or in the Caribbean?
      Either way -- both are great places!!

      Welcome again -- we are glad to have you here!


      "kissingblue_ice" <kissingblue_ice@y...> wrote:

      I am a mixed race 36 yr old woman from Nottingham in the UK and I have
      been looking for a site or place like this for ages! My mother is Welsh
      and my father is from Antigua in the Caribbean.

      I am so glad I have found you and look forward to communicating and
      taking part in the groups forums and with other members etc

      Thank you

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