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815Re: [Generation-Mixed] Multiracial Africa

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  • wintyreeve@aol.com
    Oct 19, 2005
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      Welcome Spencer!
      Grin* I live in the US but this sounds alot like my family, too :)
      "I hail from South Africa.We are classified "coloured" due to our mixed
      race ancestry.Mine is English(Great Great Great Grandfather was among
      the 1820 setllers), he fathered children with a Pondo/Xhosa Black
      African girl. On my mother's side I have Indian(East Indian slaves), Khoi San(African
      hunter/gatherers) and Irish Genes. Coloured skin tones range from very "white" to very "Black"."
      Glad to have you here!
      Blessings, Lynn

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