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596Re: [Generation-Mixed] The after mat of katrina in new orleans

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  • jackie brown
    Sep 6 11:57 AM
      Here...the flood of 1997, much was given to the Red Cross...many were still in need all around me...the Red Cross got brand new SUV's. 
      Many so called charities, are very top heavy with VP's that make much money, and budget cuts keep services to the needy very low. 
      The only color many see in gov...is green.  911, many of those bombed had nice incomes...see what
      is on TV in the New Orleans area...many poor people...the government does not care about those people.

      wintyreeve@... wrote:
      Hey Everyone-
      Did you hear the mayor of Detroit speak?
      He said that will take in people from New Orleans, and that
      they are not "refugees" there are our brothers and sisters.
      He offered 3,000 open hotel rooms & to help put the kids in school.
      As far as the govt is concerned... I keep thinking that this could happen to any of us.
      In my city, the govt decided that the North side needed more police officers.
      Instead of hiring more, they took police officers from my neighborhood and moved them.
      As a reult, crime has went up 44% in my neighborhood!
      So we need to pay attention to campaign promises, and really examine the leadership before we vote.
      And I agree about accounatbility.
      If the leadership is not doing their job, not holding to their promises, we need to take action.
      New Orleans didn't happen because of a hurricane alone...there were alot of other factors involved.
      Did you know that New Orleans used to be called "The Crescent City"?
      The whole city used to be built around the bay, in a
      crescent shape so that no part of it was below sea level.
      Someone on TV also said that it has been known since 1967 that
      the levees could not stand a hurricane higher than level 3.
      In any case-I will be praying.
      :) Lynn
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