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47A group for social-activities

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Aug 1, 2005
      Well ...let's see ... 'Jeff' does rhyme well with
      "Hef" ... so ... it could very well be a 'sign'. ;)

      Also - I understand what you are saying in
      regards to feeling somewhat more compatible
      with dating another 'multi'-racial individual
      rather than someone who is or considers
      themself to be a 'mono'-racial.

      Often those who are unfamilar with the
      whole idea of embracing your 'multi'-racial
      heritage mistakenly think that you are
      trying to deny or downplay one part of
      your lineage in favor of another rather
      than simply embracing all of who you are.

      Your idea of a social / dating group
      could offer an option for others who
      are interested in meeting people who
      understand their experiences and support
      their embracing of their full heritage.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      j s <creolescience@y...> wrote:

      I can see plenty of potential headches there,
      but it does sound appealing.

      I could be the high yella Hefner.;P

      But seriously, I do generally prefer to date mixed women
      simply because I feel like I'd have more in common with
      them and they'd have a better understanding of who I am.
      I also feel like there is a greater openmindedness
      to other cultures, ideas and beliefs.

      Unless they've been brainwashed
      by the militant one-droppers.


      Actually Jeff -- I think that a group designed for
      "multi-racial socializing" (whether for dating or
      general events) sounds like a pretty cool idea!! :D

      Maybe you could consider even initiating such
      a group and seeing how it goes -- as I think
      that many mixed-people (including those who
      are members here) might be very interested. : )

      (The only thing is ... that it would probably take
      a lot of time to handle the moderating in order to
      prevent trollers and other such troublemakers from
      purposely trying to post offensive material, etc.).

      Just a thought. :D

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      j s <creolescience@y...wrote:

      You know, if you guys keep mentioning your mixes
      and the male/female ratio continues we'll need
      to start a sister group for mixed dating. ;)

      Hmmm - now that I mention it....

      --- Almond Eyez <cocoalatte91@y...wrote:

      I'm mixed vietnamese and black.
      And I do get questioned in fact just last week
      asked me if I was mixed and I said yea why?
      They say I have 'those asian eyes'.

      *sigh, I've heard how being mixed in Europe "
      is not a big deal" and I wish Americans
      could have the same concept.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,

      "sudoangel2000" <sudoangel2000@y...wrote:

      To everyone :)

      I had a question for everyone:

      Do you find you have to explain yourself still in

      Meaning, I still find I have to run down the lineage

      For people although nine times out of ten they
      have already made up their minds before hand lol

      This came to mind because I went to Paris in April
      and I found the people refreshingly accepting.
      Maybe this is a US thing.

      What do you think?
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