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4214Re: [Generation-Mixed] Poem - Whitney Houston

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  • Nec
    Feb 16, 2012

      Thank you Pierre for expressing on paper what many of us feel inside! RIP Whitney! 

      On Feb 15, 2012, at 9:11 AM, pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007@...> wrote:


      Whitney Houston

      Whitney left all to soon
      like a star shining on earth
      under a crescent moon,
      Even as a child she had that certain thing
      that is rare and seldom seen,
      Which possessed the essence of a star
      and the making of a queen,
      She sang like a angel on fire
      and hit notes that no one else could attain,
      Even tho' her life met trials and tribulations
      under clouds of depression and pouring rain,
      Like a beautiful broken doll
      she still managed to go on stage,
      Trying to hide her addiction
      that was written  on every page,
      But hours before the Grammy`s
      she laid her gown across the bed,
      Taking one last bath in the water
      where her daughter found her dead,
      But yet she still lives in the hearts
      of all those who loved her voice,
      For Whitney left this earth by chance
      she didn't leave it by choice,
      Yes she finally paid the price
      to sing for all eternity
      in Gods Paradise.
      Pierre Andre
      2012 (c)

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