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4165Re: There is no such thing as a "light-skinned Black"

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  • Chibi
    Dec 1, 2011
      It is a very funny thing I've always wondered really...the "white race"... is there really a way to define it? Does that just mean that as long as your skin is white, you are pure? My daughter's skin is white, is she pure, even though she is mixed?

      It baffles me. Most white people were already mixed anyway. European people did not all speak one language, hold one culture, or act in any
      particular way that was uniform. In fact, back in earlier times, people of the same or close skin color in Europe fought one another for land, for the mere fact that they hated or despised one's culture or viewpoints, for women, for EVERYTHING, much like other races did as well. These people were able to overcome their ways and mix among each other without as much complaint. A white American is a mixture of a lot of things usually. Most will cite at least two types of European lineage they have when they tell you in detail what they come from. My husband looks as white as you can come (lol), but most would be surprised to find that he is half Irish, and half Cherokee Indian.

      His biological father is all Cheerokee, or at least that is as much of him as we can identify. My husbands eyes are a stark blue, but his hair a a bit thicker on his head, and as far as body hair, he lacks a lot of it except for his legs. (no chest or back hair, most Indians did not have very much body hair.)But hes as pale as can be as well. No one notices that he is not fully white, which is horrendously ironic. Of course, I suppose his mixture is not as big of a deal as say, someone who was black and white. Most white people will just write him off as white too, and they'd think he was a part of that "pure race" with his bright blue eyes. If that is done today, imagine what mistakes other white people before might have made, or the secrets they might try to hide about their lineage...

      Me on the other hand, I am mostly African American, with a Korean Great grandmother, Cheerokee and black great grandfather, and from there most of my other family members are black, however we did also incoorperate some Hispanic, other Koreans, Chinese, and more American Indian relatives. I myself however am a mixture of races. Most people will tell me that I look like I'm something more than black, but my features are mostly black. I would, upon first glance, be written off as just black by most people, although a few times many people will tell me I look mixed (I can't quite figure out how though, lol). Fact is, even though I'm a mixture like my husband, and even though more people can tell it about me than my husband, I am "tainted" I suppose? Not that I too much care honestly about such a ridiculous thing, I try to embrace all of my cultures equally, just so happens I have been around more of my African American relatives than the others.

      It's sick and a waste of time really to focus on race so heavily. You'd think people would get over it already. Especially here in the south, where white people who want to be supremacists and egotists, and look down upon Hispanic and Black races mostly with disdain and disgust, ARE at some point, mixed. They have black people in their family somewhere...whether or not it was wanted, planned, or whatever they are there somewhere. And knowing that they probably do, even if it wasn't told to them, they shouldn't behave the way they do about it. It's as if they're in denial...maybe it would be different if they didn't claim they were pure raced...but to me that is denial. Our country still has a hell of a way to go when it comes to race...seems like other countries are so much more accepting, ironically, of it and we're the melting pot! I just hope for my daughter's sake there will be a major change in attitude about all of this.

      --- In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "multiracialbookclub" <soaptalk@...> wrote:

      It often comes as a surprise
      for people to discover that …
      `There is No Such Thing as a
      "Light Skinned Black" person'.

      The actual term of "Light Skinned Black"
      is nothing more that a racist oxymoron
      that was coined by racial supremacists
      --- in an effort to try to forcibly deny the
      many `Mixed-Race' people who were / are
      of a Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed
      (MGM-Mixed) Ancestral Lineage the right
      TO both embrace (and also receive public
      support in openly acknowledging) the
      physically visible (and obvious)
      FACT of their FULL-ancestry.

      The eugenicists and other racial-supremacists
      created a non-scientific, spurious and racist concept
      called the `One-Drop Rule' (ODR) in an effort to
      falsely label any Black bloodlines found in a
      Mixed-Race individual's ancestral lineage as being
      both an "inferior" and a "contaminated" "taint"
      that was so "filthy" and "vile" that even a mere
      `drop' of it had quite literally managed (and would
      eternally continue) to destroy the actual existence of
      all of the other blood-lineages found in their ancestry.

      [NOTE: More information on the racist,
      reeking, odious ODR is found below.]

      Again, the so-called "Light Skinned Black" people
      are simply `Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed'
      (MGM-Mixed) / `Mixed-Race' people who happened
      to have been from families that BOTH BECAME
      THROUGHOUT their multiple generations.

      [PLEASE NOTE that THIS IS NOT stating or implying
      that having a LIGHT-Complexioned SKIN tone
      IS THE `ONLY' (OR even a `REQUIRED') PROOF
      of any person being OF MIXED-RACE LINEAGE.

      It's simply stating that the person's Light-complexioned
      skin coloring and tone is quite clearly an UNDENIABLE
      physical PROOF of the FACT that their family's Ancestral
      Lineage has been `CONTINUALLY' racially Admixed
      `THROUGHOUT' the GENERATIONS (from the very first
      occurrence of "racial" admixing up to their very present
      generation of such – ex. Griffe marries Metis, etc.).


      THE KEY to actually being a `Multi-Generational
      Multiracially-Mixed' (MGM-Mixed) Mixed-Race
      individual IS ONE'S LINEAGE-CONTINUITY!!

      In order to be of the Mixed-Race 'type' that is
      known as `Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed'
      or `MGM-Mixed' --- one's ancestry MUST have
      BOTH BECOME & REMAINED (at least 25%)
      racially-admixed THROUGHOUT all of their
      family generations -- starting with the
      very first occurrence of admixture
      up unto their present generation!

      [Simply having 1 or 2 "ancient-ancestors"
      who are said to have been of some
      "other race" and that are allegedly
      found "somewhere-down-the-line"
      (ex. a great-grand whatever of another
      "race") -- DOES NOT -- make anyone
      MGM-Mixed^ (or else nearly everyone
      found on the planet could then (falsely)
      claim that they are MGM-Mixed ^).
      (^Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed)]

      Being `Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed'
      or 'MGM-Mixed' REQUIRES that a person's
      lineage has a "CONTINUITY-of-Admixture".


      A NOTE ON ... The Racist
      `One-Drop' Rule (ODR):


      The 'One-Drop' Rule (ODR) --- [which is the false
      teaching that 'any amount' (even one, tiny, minute
      `drop') of Black ancestral lineage would make any
      a person who is of a Mixed-Race lineage "full Black"]
      --- is quite simply nothing more than racism.

      The racist, reeking, odious ODR was created during
      the antebellum / chattel-slavery era of the continental
      U.S. by racial-supremacists in order to get people to
      believe the false racist myth that the so-called White
      "race" was "pure" … and to also falsely look upon
      the Black "racial" admixture (even the slightest
      amount – down to one mere `drop') that was found
      within a Mixed-Race person's ancestral lineage --
      as being a vile "taint" that was so very `filthy'
      and `contaminated' that it literally "destroyed"
      every single `drop' of non-Black blood that
      was found in the persons' ancestral lineage.

      To embrace the 'One-Drop Rule' … is the
      equivalent of BOTH embracing "racism"
      and also embracing the false and racist
      teaching that a Mixed-Race person's
      Black ancestral lineage is "tainted".

      My advice is that a non-Racist should *not*
      embrace the concept of the 'One-Drop Rule'
      -- as "Black blood" is *not* "tainted" --
      and should never be perceived or embraced
      as being so (not even in the name
      of so-called "pride" and "unity").

      The racist 'One Drop Rule' (ODR) is an offense to
      the pride of people who are of a full-Black lineage
      and to people who of a Mixed-Race lineage that
      includes a part-Black ancestry as well -- and this
      FACT is also why it is not a 'unifying' force at all
      -- but rather, it is a racist attack on their heritages.

      In addition, legally-speaking – any attempted
      forcible application of the racist 'One-Drop Rule'
      (ODR) -- against any individual or group -- was
      ruled as UN-constitutional (i.e. made `illegal')
      by the United States Supreme Court in 1967
      via the case of 'Loving vs. The State of Virginia'.

      [Through the 'Loving vs. Virginia' case, the U.S.
      Supreme Court, ruled against both all of the laws
      banning Interracial marriage -- and -- also ruled
      that any so-called law which forcibly applied the
      'One Drop Rule' -- was racist, discriminatory,
      illegal, unconstitutional, and non-enforcible.

      That decision (`The "Loving" Decision' or
      `The "Loving" Case) struck down the racist
      `VA Racial Integrity Act' (VRIA) and every
      `Anti-Miscegenation Law' (AML) found in the
      U.S. — AS WELL AS the racist, `One-Drop Rule'
      (ODR) on which both the VRIA & the AMLs were based!]

      So … essentially … there has been no legal
      application of the racist "ONE-DROP RULE'
      (ODR) found within the U.S. SINCE 1967.

      [i.e. The stench of the reeking, racist, odious ODR
      (which openly-mocked, cruelly-degraded and also
      falsely-accused one's black-bloodlines of being a
      `contaminated taint' that destroyed the existence
      of any and all of one's other / non-black bloodlines)
      -- along with it's biased application and racist
      terminologies -- has legally been `cleared from
      the air' of the U.S. since way back in 1967.]

      Thus, again, there is NO SUCH THING as
      a "Light-Skinned Black" person (as these
      individuals are quite simply `Multi-Generational
      Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed)' Mixed-Race
      people who are from families that have
      been CONTINUALLY racially-admixed
      THROUGHOUT their generations).

      For more information on this topic,
      please feel to contact me via email
      and / or to visit the websites below.

      — APGifts, Founder / Moderator
      (Generation-Mixed; MGM-Mixed
      and FGM-Mixed `Yahoo!Groups')
      © All Rights Reserved
      email: <mailto:soaptalk@...>
      soaptalk (at) hotmail (dot) com

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