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4139Two Kinds of Color

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  • Deborah Kennedy
    Jan 22, 2011



      I just joined the group!  I'm the author of the novel 'Two Kinds of Color'. The story of a mother's love and sacrifice for her racially divided children.  Two of them are white, two of them black, raised in a brutal environment on the South Side of Chicago.  The book is based on some true characters and events.  Available for Kindle, Nook, Amazon Paperback, and Barnes and Noble Paperback!


      To know a little more about me, I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago.  My mother was Caucasian and my father African American.  As such characters are in the novel, some of my siblings are white.  Two of us are mixed.  I'm from a family of eight children, all of whom have different fathers.  I hope you get a chance to go to Amazon and read a sample of 'Two Kinds of Color'. I would love to hear from you!


      Always best regards,

      Deborah Kennedy