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  • Sundee Frazier
    Sep 4, 2010
      Great questions!

      It appears that B&N still has some copies of my book in stock. They sell it for $14.40. I'm selling for $6 each, which includes shipping.

      As for my faith perspective, I believe God is love. I believe God showed us his love most profoundly in the person of Jesus. There are many amazing things about Jesus, but one of the coolest things for us mixed people is that Jesus can relate perfectly to the "both/and" experience (a phrase I use for the biracial experience), having been both God and human. The author of the New Testament book, Matthew, also goes out of his way to include Jesus' Gentile ancestors in his genealogy (not to mention women, but that's another topic) -- putting Jesus' mixed blood in the faces of the first readers, who would have been Jewish and, for the most part, against mixing. Jesus also elevated the status of mixed-race people by casting a Samaritan (a mixed Jew-Gentile person) as the hero in his famous Good Samaritan parable.

      I go into all of these things in greater depth, as well as talk about plenty of "faith-neutral" topics, in my book.

      Thanks for your interest,

      Sundee Frazier

      The Other Half of My Heart (Delacorte/Random House 2010)
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