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  • Ally3729@aol.com
    Dec 13, 2009
      AOL Email
      Are you referring to any DNA testing? We did ours through  FamilyTreeMaker about 5 years ago
      In a message dated 12/12/2009 12:16:13 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, latonyabeatty76@... writes:

      I did an interview over the phone with Natais.  She is looking for more people who have done the DNA test.  The compensation for your time is $40.  If anyone is interested, her contact info is below.
      --- On Fri, 12/4/09, Natasia Wright <natasia.social. impacts@gmail. com> wrote:

      From: Natasia Wright <natasia.social. impacts@gmail. com>
      Subject: Interview follow-up
      To: latonyabeatty76@ yahoo.com
      Date: Friday, December 4, 2009, 1:19 AM

      Below is an email to send to anyone you think might be interested in participating in an interview who has taken a DNA ancestry test. Sorry this took me a few days to send!

      ************ **


      My name is Natasia Wright, and I'm a Research Assistant to Professor Wendy Roth in the Department of Sociology at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Roth is doing a research study on the social impacts of DNA Ancestry Testing -- especially whether it has any effect on identities and attitudes. I recently interviewed someone you know for this study and they thought you might be  willing to participate in an interview as well. The interviews are done over the phone, and we offer $40 to thank people for their time in participating.

      We're looking to talk with people with a wide range of experiences to DNA Ancestry Testing, so we'd be very interested in learning about your experiences regardless of whether the test results had much influence on you or not.

       If you would be willing to help us with this project, please contact me at natasia.social. impacts@gmail. com,   or you can contact Dr. Roth at wroth@interchange. ubc.ca or (604) 822-4845.

      Additionally, regardless of whether you would like to participate in the telephone interview, I invite you to fill out a quick online survey about the tests you have taken, located at http://faculty. arts.ubc. ca/wroth/ SurveyIntro. html

      Thanks very much for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon!

       Kind regards,


      ************ ******

      Thanks again so much Tonya. 


      Natasia Wright
      Department of Sociology
      University of British Columbia
      109 - 6303 NW Marine Dr.
      V6T 1Z1

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