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4027Re:My recent trip to the optometrist

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  • rosanna_armendariz
    Nov 11 12:51 PM
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      Wow. Before now I really hadn't thought about how being mixed might lead to medical misdiagnosis and other doctor-patient miscommunications and problems obtaining medical care. It really is discouraging to think about.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com, wintyreeve@... wrote:

      That is fascinating!

      I joined a medical research study....I have to do breathing tests, which measure how much air your lungs push out and how much oxygen is in the blood.
      I told the doctor I am Mixed but she put my race as "White". LOL* I obviously don't look White! Anyways, the doctor told me an average Black person has a 12% decreased numbers in the spirometer tests (the volume of air inhaled and exhaled from the lungs). And this is their average. Since I am part White, the doctor decided to err on the side of caution.


      sundeefrazier@... writes:

      I also like the idea of human vision glasses, Rosanna! I had an interesting experience at the optometrist recently, as well, where race played into the discussion and a possible diagnosis of glaucoma.

      I didn't know this before, but it turns out _African-Americans _
      have a higher rate of glaucoma because of the shape of the socket that holds the optic nerve (glaucoma is a problem where a lack of drainage of fluids creates pressure in the eye disrupting the function of the optic nerve).
      Anyway, I had taken a test that showed a likely glaucoma diagnosis, but the optometrist was clearly confused why I (who am on the younger side--for glaucoma--and don't look obviously black) would have this problem. As she listed the risk factors, I was able to clear up for her that I am in fact African-American
      on one side of my family.

      To see my blackness you have to look deep inside me (or my eyes), literally!

      Sundee Frazier
      www.sundeefrazier.www_ (http://www.sundeefrazier.com/)

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