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4017Re: The Long-Passed Days of "Passing" and 'Posing'

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  • Rodney S
    Oct 18, 2009
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      I've heard many stories of family members from Louisiana in decided to

      "cross over" to the other side so to speak. There are also a few mysteries that floated around my family. One is the story that my great-grandfather had a half-white brother who was taken to Houston by the White fathers sisters and never heard from again. I am also curious or planning to take the genetic admixture DNA test to what numbers show up. I wouldnt be surprised if my results show extensive european ancestry considered many of my ancestors were louisiana creoles of mixed or multi-racial heritage. You can look at a new pic I just posted showing my great-grandmother and her older sister. Look at their appearance. They look almost racially ambigious.

      Rodney Sam
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