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3965Re: [Generation-Mixed] Spotlight on Mixed-Race Entertainer: "JoJo"

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  • wintyreeve@aol.com
    Jul 20, 2009
      Thanks for posting :)
      I like Jo-Jo, pics of her family are in the cover of her 1st CD... 'Jo Jo".
      I think Jo Jo is a bit young to be dressing like she does, though. She looked so cute being just a kid w/o all that make up on and the frizzed out hair, etc
      My daughter is 6 and already she wants to dress, dance and look like her favorite female celebs. We already had a talk about Bratz Dolls and Hannah Montana. These stars have more influence that you would think, as a parent you have to be aware of what your children are interested in, and how it affects their perspectives, and self image.