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  • Heather
    Jul 1, 2009

      You are very welcome! So, that is why your poem (Passing Away) was so heartfelt and in-depth... because it was for your mother, and because it came from the deepest place in your heart. What a blessed tribute=) I'm sure, your mother would be very proud;) My father was killed in '99, and I can sympathize with how you must have felt/must feel. For the first 2 or 3 years after my father's death, I couldn't even bring myself to look at a tractor (he was killed while driving a tractor). Every time I caught a glimpse of one, I'd have a panic attack. My dad and I were very close, so it's been rough. I know that place, within your heart, where you gained the strength to write that. Very nice;)

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      Thank you so much Heather for your compliment about
      my poem Passing Away in memory of my mother. Yes she was such
      a great part of my life): it was a gift to have her so long
      in my life I am thankful for the 89 years God gave her.
      But her physical body had to sleep away but her soul still
      lives on. Yes it would be wonderful to have most of my poems
      presented on greeeting cards ..etc. But the reward of having
      them touch others emotionally on this forum in some way means
      allot to me. Especially the enterracial poems because there are
      still so many stories out there yet untold regarding interracial
      couples and relationships.

      Love and Peace to you to.


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      Cheylenna PJ <la_cayena@> wrote:

      I was just thinking the same thing. Pierre, so many of your poems read like they could be in greeting cards if there were such categories in the greeting card business. Of course your writing expands further than that categorization, but as it is a talent you are blessed with, you should also be using it as best you can.
      It's nice that you are able to honor your mother with such a beautiful poem. She lived a long life. I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to her physcial presence this year.

      On Mon, 6/29/09, Heather <heather21230@> wrote:

      From: Heather <heather21230@>
      Subject: [Generation-Mixed] Re: fw Poem - 'Passing Away'
      To: Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, June 29, 2009, 10:52 AM

      Again... AMAZING! I hope this is your profession (writing), because you do it so well=) I am in the loooong process of making it my sole profession, but I don't know that I hold a candle to you/your work;) Great job=) Heather

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      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson200 7@...> wrote:

      Passing away

      O Family members and loved ones
      I beg you not to weep
      For the greatest gift of all is
      the passing in your sleep,
      Closing your eyes in slumber
      like you've done day after day,
      But this time the closing of your eyes
      will take your soul away,
      Taken by your Creator
      back into His loving Grace,
      This sweet and loving transformation
      may leave a smile upon your face,
      For this is proof that my mother
      has found her rightful dwelling place,
      Yes it appears that she's sleeping
      because she has found her amazing Grace.

      ```````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ````````` ```````

      In Memory of my mother -- Dr. Emily V. Jefferson (1919 - 2009)
      All rights Reserved, Pierre Andre 2009 ©
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