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3929Poem - Who can you Trust?

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  • pierre jefferson
    Jun 30, 2009
                              Who can you Trust?

      The days of old are gone and its values
      are quickly passing away,

      Where few strangers speak along the street
      who can you trust today?

      Where your bills look like bank stub hills
      and you dont know who to pay,

      Your friends are few when your in a stew
      who do you trust today?

      You feel like your all alone
      fearing unseen hardships that may come your way,

      You may no longer hide your last ounce of pride
      asking 'who can I trust today'?

      What will you do if the world that you knew
      will forever be gone away,

      Where people's eyes will double in size
      when they see you walking their way,

      Fearing the worst as the storm cloud burst
      raining down on your bits of clay,

      You may feel like a puddle of tear soaked rubble
      with no one to trust today.

      Pierre Andre, 2009 ©
      All Rights Reserved