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3919Re: fw Poem - 'Passing Away'

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  • Heather
    Jun 29, 2009
      Again... AMAZING! I hope this is your profession (writing), because you do it so well=) I am in the loooong process of making it my sole profession, but I don't know that I hold a candle to you/your work;) Great job=) Heather

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007@...> wrote:

      Passing away

      O Family members and loved ones
      I beg you not to weep
      For the greatest gift of all is
      the passing in your sleep,
      Closing your eyes in slumber
      like you've done day after day,
      But this time the closing of your eyes
      will take your soul away,
      Taken by your Creator
      back into His loving Grace,
      This sweet and loving transformation
      may leave a smile upon your face,
      For this is proof that my mother
      has found her rightful dwelling place,
      Yes it appears that she's sleeping
      because she has found her amazing Grace.


      In Memory of my mother -- Dr. Emily V. Jefferson (1919 - 2009)
      All rights Reserved, Pierre Andre 2009 ©
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