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  • Heather
    Jun 29, 2009
      Amazing!!! I'm speechless (for once;)! This is absolutely... honest. I can sooooooo identify with your poem (the interracial aspect of it). To everyone who sees me, I look (and am labeled "white"). Actually, I am part caucasian, part cherokee indian. I was adopted, so... for many years (into my late 20's), I thought I was only white. I always knew I was different... looked different, felt different, etc. I just couldn't put a finger on it, until I searched for and met part of my biological family. That explained A LOT! Now that I know, at least, this much of my heritage, I will never identify as white again. Since high school, I have dated only black/or multiracial men. It just feels comfortable to me, and that happens to be who I'm most attracted to. Not that I would purposefully not date men of other ethnicities... it's just the way it works out. The majority of my girlfriends (after high school) are black or of mixed-race. The caucasian friends I do have tend to be more liberal and open-minded than those who would not be. I also have a son who is multiracial... handsome, very intelligent and loved by everyone. I HATE IT when people are so ignorant to the reality of interracial relationships and love. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that people can be so evil. I absolutely feel for the couple in your poem. Been there, done that! I remember a situation, in early high school, when I secretly had a black boyfriend. A member of my family found out (that he was black- not that he was my boyfriend), and completely lost it! They said, because of his name (Jermaine), they KNEW he was black. They, of course, assumed I was "in love" with him and that were were "together." I lied, and said we were only friends. I was called a liar and treated like garbage. Back then, I just didn't get it. Later on, I HATED that member of the family. Our "relationship" is strenuous, to say the least, today. When we moved to where we live now, my son and his friends (mostly black) take a lot of racist crap from people here. It's very sad. Adults, kids, teenagers... they've all said awful, ugly things to them- FOR NO REASON... other than the fact that they're not white. It's sad... really sad. I just continue to tell my son, that... there are a lot of really ignorant people out there, and as long as you know who you are... there's no real need to be concerned with what others think of you. I also tell him not to stoop to their level (say mean things back, fight, etc.), because it makes you look just as ignorant as they are. Life as an interracial couple/multiracial person is definitely not easy. That's why I love this group and value each and every person here. We need to stick together... if, for no other reason than for support. Thanks, again, Pierre, for the TOUCHING poem! You rock!!!!! Heather

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007@...> wrote:

                      Forbidden Love

      I saw a white boy and a black girl
      sitting by the brook,

      It was so strange and unusual
      I had to take a second look,

      They were holding hands and smiling
      inside of a world all their own,

      To see such love between two races
      was something I've never known,

      She was black as night and
      he was white as day,

      They seemed to look right through me
      as I began to walk their way,

      Their eyes were glued together
      like a sun set against the sea,

      Inside a forbidden world
      that had no room for me,

      Her eyes were dark as ginger
      and his were blue as the sky,

      They looked like two fugitives in love
      as they saw me drifting by,

      The contrast of their forms created a silhouette
      I will never forget,

      How I longed just to say hello
      to two people I never met,

      Then they vanished into the hill side
      like Autumn leaves across the grass,

      To interracial couples I thought
      how long will their relationship LAST.

      All Rights Reserved (c)
      Pierre Andre 2009
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