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3903Brand new Loving Day Website!

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  • lovingdayproject
    May 12, 2009
      We're pleased to announce LovingDay.org 2.0,
      where you can easily list your Loving Day
      Celebration and share your stories instantly!

      Just log in or register (it's quick and free),
      and share with the global Loving Day community.

      Here are some highlights:

      * List your Loving Day Celebration (public
      or private) and add photos afterwards.

      * Share your story as a multi-ethnic /multi-racial/
      multi-cultural individual or inter-racial couple.

      * Find upcoming Loving Day Celebrations,
      and check out past Celebrations.

      We've kept all the great resources from the original
      site, but with updates and improvements to every page.
      Come check it out!

      Don't forget - Loving Day is only four weeks away!

      It's fun and easy to host your own Celebration
      of any size with our free Celebration Kit:

      You can also attend a Loving Day Celebration, including the
      Flagship Celebration in New York City on Sunday, June 7th.

      We'll keep you posted as new celebrations and
      stories come rolling in - including yours!

      We're looking forward to sharing Loving Day with you.

      Sincerely, the Loving Day Volunteers