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3830Re: Obama and Loving Day

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  • Rosanna
    Jan 11, 2009
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      When I said half of America was shocked, I didn't mean that
      they were offended b/c of the non-PC nature of the term.
      Rather, it seems to me people were shocked that Obama actually
      joked about being mixed. Most people seem to view him as "black,"
      although most are aware that his mother was White. I think if he'd
      used another term instead of mutt, the story still would've been
      all over CNN b/c people are just amazed that this "black" man is
      actually mixed. Honestly, I've wondered for a long time if he
      had a more racially ambiguous appearance, would the media still
      refer to him as "black" or "African-American??" Probably not,
      since we are so obsessed w/appearance in this society.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "Your Highness The Queen" <la_cayena@...> wrote:

      Re: "Obama jokingly referred to himself as a "mutt," and
      half of America was shocked. The story was all over CNN."

      I've been reading all of the comments on this thus far and I guess
      am not surprised to see the varied feelings on this. Not trying to
      be cute with words, really I think it must be about how you feel your skin, how thick it is, perhaps a matter of a certain kind of humor, I don't understand feeling comfortable about calling me or anyone else a mutt or a Heinz 57 or anything relating to a dog. However, I remember when I was confronting the nature of ancestry as a child, I was also confronted with being told my father was adopted so I was left in mystery for a while. Later I found out there was more to know about both sides, but I was left in a phase of vague generalities about my ancestry for a number of years. He called himself and told me we were mutts and Heinz 57s and I didn't even like dogs! (hehe) So that description did and does not work for me, but I guess I can understand that everyone doesn't feel that same way, nor do they have to, because in the USA we are supposed to be allowed the freedom of expression. Anyway, that being said I can equally say that I don't think the terminology of guys calling other guys "dog" is any better.

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