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3795Re: Colorism in the Mexican Family

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  • Pierre
    Oct 12, 2008

      Yes Rosanna you hit the nail on the head!
      even today even within the Hispanic culture skin color
      plays a vital role. The lighter you are the more valuable
      you are ):the more worshiped and appreciated you are.
      This stems from European influence were people
      were taught that dark or black is bad! and
      can never be beautiful or socially rewarding.
      Your baby passed the white glove test` it had all
      the components to be "LOVED" and showed no signs of
      Ethnic characteristics. So now your relatives bestow
      gifts of approval upon him for being almost White.
      Sadly if your baby had come out dark, the fan fare
      would have come as a nightmare perhaps, and less
      vistors would have knocked at your door to see the baby.
      Color still rules in our world` people will put
      you on a certain level because of your color?
      so hopefully this caste system
      will one day be dismantled
      and blown away with the dust.
      Or should I say Gone with the Wind.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "Rosanna" <rosanna_armendariz@...> wrote:

      Hello, all. Some of you know me from previous posts.
      I recently had my first child w/my husband of several years.
      He is Mexican-American and I'm multiethnic (of
      Carribean, Latin American, and European descent).
      Well, wouldn't you know it, but our baby come out looking
      very anglo. He has fair skin and blue-grey-greenish eyes.
      But the thing I find really bizarre is how all my husband's family
      members are sooo pleased and cooing over how white he looks.
      It's like that's their reason for loving him. Sort of makes
      me think they wouldn't care about him if he were dark.
      It's so sad that in 2008 people still have these stupid views.
      I've come across many African-American families where the
      lighter people seemed to be the favorites of the family,
      so I guess it's a similar situation w/Mexicans.
      Like I said, it's a shame. I mean, I want my son
      to be loved, but not b/c of his skin or eye color.
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