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3793FW: NAACP--Standing Ovation for Elizabeth Atkins

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    Oct 12, 2008
      Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 10:18:00 -0400
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      Subject: NAACP--Standing Ovation for Elizabeth Atkins

      Speaker's Agent: 
      Charles Biggs, Jr.                      (248) 462-4015 cell

      (248) 714-1011 office

      Would you believe this woman is African-American color,
      Cherokee, English, French and Italian?
      Elizabeth Atkins

      uses her shocking life on the color line as a
      Diversity Speaker to sweeten the American melting pot.  
      She can do that at your company, conference,
      campus or community group.


      Elizabeth Atkins  Speaks...

      People Learn!

      With her poem White Chocolate, this multiracial author and journalist wields the power of her pen to promote human harmony.  Recently, she educated and entertained for... 
      The NAACP
      Her keynote speech:  Life on the Color Line:  From the Plantation to the Presidential Election inspired a standing ovation from 500 people at the 88th Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner for the Northern Oakland County NAACP on October 3, 2008.
      "Ms. Atkins was outstanding," said emcee Lem Barney, minister and NFL legend.  "We all learned something tonight."
      The University of Michigan
      Elizabeth spoke to students in the Cultural Connections program about how her struggles as a biracial student on campus in the 1980s inspired her purpose and passion to write and speak about race.
      " I loved everything you had to say and I related so much to it all," said a U of M Student named Kim.  "Thank you for sharing your story with us."
       "Those who came to the lecture really learned from it and enjoyed it," said sophomore Martika, treasurer of The Mixed Initiative.
      Oakland County Diversity Employment Council

      Elizabeth's presentation "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover" gave 75 human resources personnel a new perspective - by using herself as an example - on how someone who looks white could be black, how someone who looks fit could be a former fat person - and how we must delve far deeper than first impressions to evaluate a person. 
      "This was the most dynamic, interactive event we've had," said Frank Russell, a newspaper publisher and OCDEC member.  "Ms. Atkins was entertaining but she educated us, too."

      Idlewild Literary Landmark Dedication
      As a member of the Governor's Commission to celebrate the Centennial of this historic town in northern Michigan, Elizabeth delivered a keynote speech celebrating how the region's beauty and mystical energy stimulate her senses in a way that makes Idlewild a writer's paradise. 
      "You were great!" raved Karren Reish, Library of Michigan.  Added Bill Anderson of the State of Michigan:  "Outstanding!"

      National Human Rights Conference

      Elizabeth spoke to hundreds of human rights workers from across America at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History. 
      "That was a very informative presentation," said a man from Philadelphia.  "Powerful!  Inspiring!"

      Invite Elizabeth Atkins to edu-tain at your company, conference, campus or community group.
      Please contact
      Speaker's Agent
      Charles Biggs
      (248) 462-4015 cell
      (248) 714-1011 office


      Please visit


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