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3791Colorism in the Mexican Family

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  • Rosanna
    Oct 2, 2008
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      Hello, all. Some of you know me from previous posts. I recently had
      my first child w/my husband of several years. He is Mexican-American
      and I'm multiethnic (of Carribean, Latin American, and European
      descent). Well, wouldn't you know it, but our baby come out looking
      very anglo. He has fair skin and blue-grey-greenish eyes. But the
      thing I find really bizarre is how all my husband's family members are
      sooo pleased and cooing over how white he looks. It's like that's
      their reason for loving him. Sort of makes me think they wouldn't care
      about him if he were dark. It's so sad that in 2008 people still have
      these stupid views. I've come across many African-American families
      where the lighter people seemed to be the favorites of the family, so I
      guess it's a similar situation w/Mexicans. Like I said, it's a shame.
      I mean, I want my son to be loved, but not b/c of his skin or eye
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