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  • Rosanna
    Aug 1, 2008
      Hi, Robert.

      Just letting you know I forwarded the below message to someone
      whom I believe would be a could candidate for the research.
      However, I have no idea whether he'll be interested.
      From what I've seen, there appears to be a lot of
      pain and denial associated w/the topic of adoption,
      and many adoptees don't want to deal w/it.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      <biracialadoptionresearch.08@...> wrote:

      Hi again,

      My name is Robert Kim and I really need your
      guys help in a research study I am conducting.
      This study is to help understand issues in being raised as
      a biological child, an adopted or a step-child. It explores
      the impact of these on a relationships, psychological
      well being, stages of development, and ethnic identity.
      The result should help facilitate the discussion
      further our understanding of the impact of adoption.
      The study consists of a set of surveys and instruments
      that takes about ½ hour to complete. Your participation is
      completely voluntary and your answers will remain anonymous.

      I have been working with Harvard professors to complete
      this study but I am still lacking many participants.

      The only eligibility for this study is to be adopted.

      I still need about 100 participants and it would be of great help
      if you could just take the time to fill this out. In addition,
      all results from this study will be sent to you if requested.
      Likewise, if anyone would like a copy of the finished results,
      please send an email to the address provided below. I will
      of course send you the article as soon as it is finished.

      To continue to the surveys please click on the following link.

      The study will begin automatically:

      Please click below to begin the survey:


      Going to these sites is your consent to be part of the study.

      You may withdraw at any time for any reason.

      My Best,

      Robert Kim
      Guest Researcher and collaborator with
      Patrice M. Miller
      Department of Psychology
      Salem State College
      234 Huron Avenue
      Cambridge, MA 02138-1328

      Telephone (914) 826-5237

      Michael Lamport Commons, Ph.D.
      Assistant Clinical Professor
      Department of Psychiatry
      Harvard Medical School
      Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
      234 Huron Avenue
      Cambridge, MA 02138-1328

      Telephone (617) 497-5270
      Facsimile (617) 491-5270
      Cellular (617) 320 - 0896
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