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3763AKA: The Centennial, Michelle Obama & Barbie

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Jul 20, 2008

      Ms. Michelle Obama has joined, and is

      now one
      of the notable ladies of, the

      AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha
      ) sorority

      It was announced, at the Alpha Kappa Alpha  (AKA) sorority, Inc.
      Boule (National Convention), that during the week of July 14, 2008,
      Mrs. Michelle Obama accepted the invitation to become inducted
      as a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority Inc. .

      The scheduling of the induction ceremony was set to take place in
      Washington, DC during the National Centennial Convention festivities.

      The Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority is known for it's rich
      and empowering history -- and -- the year 2008 has been
      greatly anticipated as being that in which the Alpha Kappa
      (AKA) sorority hosts it's 100th Celebration Boule
      in honor of it's 100 years of amazing achievement.

      Congratulations to the Ladies of the Alpha Kappa
       (AKA) sorority
      and also to Michelle Obama !

      Other Notable AKAs Include, but are not at
      all limited to, the following individuals . . .

      Ethel Hedgeman Lyle
      - Founder and
      "guiding light" of Alpha Kappa Alpha
      Sorority -- Inc. whose purpose was to
      promote scholarship -- sisterhood -- and
      service among Black college women.

      Coretta Scott King
      -- Activist -- wife /
      widow of Dr. Martin Luther King -- Jr.
      Rosa Parks -- Civil rights movement, activist

      Virginia Foster Durr
      -- Civil rights activist

      Michelle Obama
      -- Attorney
      and wife of Barak Obama
      Eleanor Roosevelt -- Humanitarian;
      and wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt

      Elinor Guggenheimer
      -- City Commissioner;
      humanitarian; founder of Women's Forum
      Jane Addams
      -- Founder of Chicago's Hull House

      Julia Lathrop
      -- 1st Children's Bureau director
      Addie D. Waites Hunton -- A founder of the
      National Association of Colored Women
      Carol Thompson Cole -- Several high-ranking
      positions in the District of Columbia

      Jane C. Wright
      -- Surgeon; cancer researcher
      Sara N. Brown
      -- Physician; 1st woman
      alumna trustee of Howard University

      Jane Edna Hunter
      -- Nurse; social advocate;
      founder-director of Cleveland's Phyllis
      Wheatley Association & House

      Jessie Bryant Mosley
      -- Founder-director Smith
      Robertson Museum and Cultural Center
      Ethel Alpenfels -- Anthropologist

      Bettiann Gardner
      -- 1st African American
      woman part-owner of an NBA team;
      co-founder -- Soft Sheen Products
      Jewell Jackson McCabe -- Businesswoman; founder
      -- National Coalition of 100 African-American Women

      Marian Anderson
      -- Opera star; concert artist
      Antoinette Garnes
      -- Concert singer; musician
      Suzette Charles
      -- Former Miss America

      Joan Bernard Armstrong
      Appeals judge (New Orleans, LA)

      Joyce London Alexander
      -- 1st African-American
      -- woman Chief Judge of a Massachusetts court; 1st
      African-American -- woman U.S. Magistrate Judge
      Julia Cooper Mack
      -- Senior judge --
      District of Columbia Court of Appeals

      Bertina Lampkin
      -- Circuit court judge
      Constance Baker Motley
      -- Federal Judge

      Hazel O'Leary
      -- United States Secretary
      for the Department of Energy.
      Sharon Pratt Kelly - The first woman
      to serve as mayor of Washington -- D.C.
      Yvonne Braithwaite-Burke -- former
      Congresswoman from California and first woman
      to chair the Democratic National Convention
      Marietta Tree -- 1st U.S. woman ambassador to
      the U.N.; founder -- Harlem's Syndenham Hospital

      Shirlee Tailor Haizlip -- Author
      of The Sweeter The Juice
      Bebe Moore Campbell
      -- Author
      Valada S. Flewellyn -- Poet; author

      Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant
      -- Advice Columnist for Essence.
      Michelle Miller Morial -- Journalist

      Lillian Rogers Parks
      -- Author
      -- White House Seamstress;

      Caterina Jarboro
      -- Opera singer
      Alicia Keys
      -- Grammy Award-
      winning singer-musician

      Cleo Parker Robinson
      -- Executive Artistic
      Director, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater
      Carmen de Lavallade Holder --
      Dancer; actress; choreographer
      Virginia Johnson -- Prima ballerina

      Olivia Cole
      -- Actress
      Jada Pinkett Smith
      -- Actress
      Lynn Whitfield
      -- Emmy Award-winning actress
      Julie Dash
      -- Filmmaker; 1st African-American woman 
      to have a full-length general theatrical release in the U.S.

      Ntozake Shange
      -- Playwright; author of `for colored girls
      who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf'.

      Phylicia Rashad -
      Actress on the award-winning
      Cosby Show and the tv series Cosby.

      Meta Vaux Warrick-Fuller
      -- Artist; sculptor
      Jan Spivey Gilchrist
      -- Artist; illustrator

      Dr. Mae Jemison
      -- 1st  woman
      astronaut of any part-Black descent

      Dr. Zoanne Clack
      -- MD -- MPH --
      FACEP -- medical consultant -- writer

      Marilyn Hughes Gatson
      -- Assistant
      Surgeon General; pediatrician
      Dorothy Boulding Ferebee -- advocate for
      women's health; established health clinics
      in Washington -- D.C. and Mississippi
      Dr. Annie (Bessie) Delaney -- 2nd
      African-American woman licensed to practice
      dentistry in New York having earned a D.D.S.
      Sarah (Sadie) Delaney -- 1st
      to teach domestic science at the high school level
      Faye Wattleton - The first woman to head the
      Planned Parenthood Federation of America

      Dr. Debbye Turner
      -- former Miss
      America,current Veterinarian;
      Marva Collins - Founder of her own
      private school in Chicago's west side.
      Ethel H. Hall -- VP Alabama
      State Board of Education

      Diane Watson
      - The first Black woman
      to preside over the California State Senate.
      C. Delores Tucker - National Chairman of the
      National Political Congress of Black Women.

      Cardiss Collins
      -- Illinois Congresswoman
      Alma G. Stallworth
      -- Michigan State representative

      Lou Nelle Sutton
      -- Texas State representative

      C. Delores Tucker
      -- Secretary of State 
      (Pennsylvania) 1st
      African-American and 2nd
      woman ever named to Cabinet-level post in the state

      Angie Brookes
      - The first woman
      President of the United Nations

      Gwendolyn Calvert Baker -- PhD.
       -- President of the United States
      Committee for UNICEF.

      M. Athalie Range
      -- Human
      Affairs Secretary -- Florida

      Enolia P. McMillan
      -- Educator; activist
      Sarah Moore Greene -- Educator; activist

      Ruth Simmons
      -- 1st African American
      to helm one of the Seven Sister colleges

      Iyanla Vanzant
      -- Author -- Attorney;
      Johnnie Rebecca Carr
      -- Civil rights activist

      Mary E. Peabody
      -- Civil & human rights worker

      Charlotte Hawkins Brown
      -- President of Palmer
      Memorial Institute; 1st African American
      appointed to National YWCA Board
      Margaret Burroughs -- Principal founder of Chicago's
      DuSable Museum of African American History

      June Jackson Christmas
      -- Founder Harlem
      Rehabilitation Center; one of the 1st
      African American Vassar College graduates

      Emma C. Chappell --
      1st African American woman
      founder of a commercial bank in the U.S.

      Ernesta Procope
      -- President of 1st
      African-American owned business on Wall Street
      Patricia P. Gibson
      -- Businesswoman; 1st woman to
      William F. Nabors Marketer of the Year Award
      Deborah Stewart-Parker -- President-CEO
      -- International Business Solutions -- Inc.
      Carol H. Williams -- Founder-President
       -- Carol H. Williams Advertising

      Jessye Norman
      -- Opera soprano
      Lauren Anderson
      -- 1st African American
      principal dancer in the Houston Ballet

      Jessie L. Vann
      -- Pittsburgh Courier publisher
      Andrea Lyle-Wilson
      -- Writer; manager; granddaughter
      of founding member Ethel Hedgeman Lyle

      Muriel Lyle-Smith
      -- TV producer; granddaughter
      of founding member Ethel Hedgeman Lyle

      Maya Angelou
      -- Poet; author; filmmaker
      Belva Davis
      -- 1st African American woman
      TV reporter on the West Coast

      Toni Morrison
      - Nobel prize
      winning novelist and poet.

      Marla Gibbs
      -- Actress
      JoMarie Payton Noble
      -- Actress
      Nichelle Nichols
      -- Actress; NASA representative

      Ella Fitzgerald
      -- Jazz singer
      Gladys Knight
      -- Grammy
      Award-winning singer; actress

      Emma Clarissa Clement
      -- U.S. Mother of the year
      Alice Coachman Davis
      -- 1st African American
      woman to win an Olympic gold medal;

      Zina Garrison
      -- Olympic gold medalist -- tennis

      Vonetta Jeffreys Flowers
      -- 1st African American
      woman to win a Winter Olympics gold medal

      C. Vivian Stringer
      -- Rutgers
      University women's basketball coach

      Emma Sarah Ransom
      -- Educator; social worker; activist
      Elise McDougald Ayer
      -- Vocational education pioneer
      Wilhelmina Lawrence
      -- A.M.E. Church
      Women's Missionary Society president

      Delores Parker Morgan
      -- Soloist; pianist
      Hazel L. Harrison
      -- Pianist; concert artist
      Maude Cuney-Hare
      -- Pianist; lecturer; writer

      Ann Sunsteen Kheel
      -- Civic leader; philanthropist
      Anna A. Curry -- Librarian; literacy advocate
      Margaret M. Lawrence -- Child psychiatrist; psychoanalyst

      Edith Finlayson
      -- Nurse; community service civic leader

      Delores D. Wharton
      -- Corporate director; arts advocate
      Laura Wheeling Waring
      -- Artist; painter; writer
      Mary L. Bell
      -- 1st African-American
      radio station owner-operator in Detroit

      Dorothy Brunson
      -- 1st African American
      woman to purchase a radio station

      Catherine L. Hughes
      -- CEO/Owner -- Radio One

      Suzanne de Passe
      -- Emmy Award-winning producer
      Vijaya L. Pandit
      -- 1st woman & 1st Asian
      elected President of U.N. General Assembly

      Elena Diaz-Verson Amos
      -- 1st president
      of the Latin American Studies Club
      Sonia Sanchez -- Noted author and poet
      Margaret Busby -- UK's 1st black woman book
      publisher; invested by Queen Elizabeth II
      into the Order of the British Empire
      Lois Marion Roselyn Perinchief -- 1st woman
      of color in Bermuda to qualify as a horologist
      Edith Mai Padmore -- 1st woman cabinet
      member -- Republic of Liberia

      Sheila Makate Sisulu -- South
      African Ambassador to the U.S.

      Edith G. Ssempala
      -- Uganda
      Ambassador to the U.S.
      Leah Tutu - Wife of South African
      activist Bishop Desmond Tutu.
      Marjorie Judith Vincent
      -- Miss America -- 1991

      Elma Lewis
      -- Teacher; administrator
      Sylvia Ross Talbot
      -- Vice moderator
      of World Council of Churches


      ·         Wilson, Wendy L. "Michelle Obama to become honorary member
      of the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority, Inc
      ." Essence. Magazine

      ·         http://www.essence.com/essence/photogallery/0,14168,1821323,00.html

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      ·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Alpha_Kappa_Alpha_sisters#cite_note-honorary-28

      ·         http://www.thehistorymakers.com0020

      To:                       Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com
      From:                 soaptalk@...     
      Date:                   Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:09 pm
      Subject:            Re: The Divine Literary Tour; the 
                                     AKA Sorority & the AKA Barbie Doll


      This is great news, Wendy and thanks so much for
      sharing with the
      Gen-Mixed community this great
      information about both the
      Divine Literary Tour 
      and the
      Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Centennial !!

      Also ... listed below are a few additional links
      which help to provide additional information
      on the
      Alpha Kappa Alpha Centennial Event;
      Alpha Kappa Alpha
       sorority; and the
      Alpha Kappa Alpha 
      Barbie Doll (which
      was recently created by the Mattel ®
      corporation in honor of 
      Alpha Kappa
       and the services that it has
      provided to many American
      communities for generations).

      The Alpha Kappa Alpha Centennial


      Alpha Kappa Alpha Community

      Corporate Office - Ivy Center


      The Alpha Kappa Alpha 
       Barbie Doll
      (created by Mattel ® in honor of the
      AKA sorority)


      Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc: A Legacy of Sisterhood and Service

      "Wendy Coakley-Thompson" <me@...> wrote:

      Please see the message below from Monica Carter Tagore,
      one of the Divine Literary Tour's organizers and, if you're in DC,
      come and check us out at the
      Alpha Kappa Alpha Centennial!


      Wendy Coakley-Thompson, Ph.D.
      Author, Back to Life and
      What You Won't Do For Love


      ----- Original Message -----

      Sent:         Friday, July 11, 2008 6:57 PM
      Subject:  DLT authors sign books in D.C.
                            at historic anniversary event

      The Divine Literary Tour



      Toschia Moffett, (254) 371-9898

      July 11, 2008

      History-making tour to be a part
      of milestone anniversary event

      Washington, DC -- The Divine Literary Tour will bring exciting
      authors to this city as part of the celebration surrounding the
      100th anniversary of
      Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

      The Divine Literary Tour is a first-of-its-kind tour of
      authors coming together to promote literacy, unity and
      the diversity on the
      African-American literary landscape.

      The Divine Literary Tour includes both nonfiction
      and fiction authors, as well as poets.

      Authors who will be a part of the D.C. festivities
      include Bern Nadette Stanis, who played Thelma
      on CBS' 'Good Times', award winner Thomas
      Brooks and performance poet Marc Lacy.

      Other authors include Latasha Hines,
      Richard James, Dr. Gregory Parks,
      Trice Hickman, LaShon Williams,
      Dr. Wendy Coakley-Thompson,
      Fred Williams, Rhonda Lawson,
      Monique Miller and Sylvester Lee.

      The Divine Literary Tour will be at the Alpha Kappa Alpha
      Centennial Celebration at the Washington Convention
      Center daily, today through July 17, at booth 731.

      Authors will autograph their books
      and answer readers' questions.

      Alpha Kappa Alpha is the oldest historically- black sorority in
      the United States, and celebrates 100 years of service in a
      weeklong D.C. celebration that will include a range of events.

      The Divine Literary Tour, founded in 2005, includes members of the
      black Greek organizations, including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

      In addition to celebrating authors, the tour
      raises money for scholarships to support needy
      but deserving students who want a higher education.

      To learn more about The Divine Literary
      Tour, visit

      With intention and purpose,

      Monica Carter Tagore

      President, RootSky Creative
      Publisher, Knowledge Wealth Series

      Elevate your business instinct.
      A resource for creative entrepreneurs.
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