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3723May 13th is the Day of the Mulatto

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  • nacaomestica@nacaomestica.org
    May 13 6:41 PM
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      May 13th is the Day of the Mulatto in Brazil
      According to the IBGE 2000 census, 38.5% of Brazilians identified themselves as pardo, or of mixed ancestry.[11][12] This figure not only includes mulatto people but also includes other multiracial people such as people who have European and Amerindian ancestry (called caboclo). And according to the IBGE census 2005 even 43,2% of the Brazilians have identified themselves as pardo.[13]
      The term mulatto (mulato in Portuguese) is not commonly used anymore in Brazilian society. Instead, other terms widely used are moreno, light-moreno and dark-moreno. These terms are not considered offensive, and focus more on the skin color than on the ethnicity (it is close to other human characteristics like tall and short). Those terms are also used for other multiracial people in Brazil, and they are the popular terms for the pardo skin color used on the 2000 official census. On May 13 is the Mulatto Day in Brazil. The date is a reference to all that participated in the struggles for slavery abolition in the country, as José do Patrocínio, Luis Gama and André Rebouças and recalls the signing of Lei Áurea, on May 13, 1888, which abolished slavery in Brazil.