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3697Re: Trying to Find the Multi-Racial Box ??

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  • Rosanna
    Apr 6, 2008
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      Yes, happily I too have noticed that more forms these days
      have a check all that apply option or a multiracial
      category, but there are still many that do not, and
      many institutions which require us to "pick one."
      I find this ridiculous since so many Americans are
      multiracial/multicultural; however, society has
      yet to fully wrap its brain around this fact.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "prettycutetk" <prettycutetk@...> wrote:

      I understand how you feel. I am 31 years old
      and have always refused to mark just one race.
      At my job I was called in the office because
      corporate had sent an email to the secretary
      stating that I had to pick a race.
      I told her to tell them that when they have MY race then
      I would check that box and that I refused to pick just one.
      They didn't say anything else to me and in my files
      it says N/A ... That is TERRIBLE ... now I'm N/A!!!
      I have seen that more forms now that have multi-cultural
      or biracial but, we aren't all the way there yet!

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "Lynn" <wintyreeve@...> wrote:

      Hello Friends,

      With a stroke of the pen, my child became listed as
      a completely different race--in all of 30 seconds.

      When I went to enroll my child in school the infamous
      "pick a race" box was listed on the school forms.
      There were three boxes that applied to my child.
      Then there was a line asking how I wanted my
      child's race to be identified. I wrote in "multi-racial".

      I was soon to find out, why ask when you don't have a choice!

      The school secretary aka the Government Representative
      of the 'One Box Rule' informed me that I can only choose
      one box, and have to identify my child as "something".
      I told her that we are a 'multi-racial' family and none of
      these definitions apply. She shrugged her shoulders and
      said well you have to pick only one. So I told the lady
      "Okay then check Hispanic, because I think Hispanic is
      the most diverse race listed in your boxes." Keep in mind
      there is a special box for Hispanic people in my state...
      and my children definitely are not Latino. But that's okay
      because in thirty seconds my family just became
      Hispanic! Now we are doubly 'multi-racial', and sure
      to confuse more narrow minded government officials!

      I don't see the point as identifying race on school forms if
      you have to lie and deny your ethnicity. Some people argue
      if you don't check one box then certain racial groups will
      not get funding or services because they are not targeted as
      in need. I think the need is obvious -- 'multi-racial'should
      be listed on the forms. I think when it comes to targeting
      communities in need IF the government spent our tax
      dollars responsibility, and truly listened to the people we
      would not have to pick and choose who is worthy of help
      and who is not, and cut children in need out of the budget.

      That's just my opinion though... but now I see how the
      system works, I am going to check every box possible at
      every opportunity to show how multi-racial my family is!

      Best Wishes, Lynn
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