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3683Poem - Not one minute More

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  • pierre jefferson
    Mar 27, 2008
                                      Not one minute More
      I had a appointment with God.
      It was a matter that could not wait,

      I called him on the phone the day before
      promising I wouldn't be one minute late,

      This was a visit I've always wanted to share
      to see His magnificent presence sitting there,

      I walked into his office
      with my heart racing inside my chest,

      To see my Glorious Creator
      with such anticipation that could not rest,

      He sat on a golden throne
      dressed in a silver taylored suit,

      Shimmering with wisdom and compassion
      like a bowl of majestic fruit,

      His eyes were like galaxies
      reflecting light all about the room,

      As I shut the door behind me
      I no longer felt the threat of worldly doom,

      I felt His soul evaluate my very being
      I could not believe the Majesty that I was seeing,

      He told me to have a seat as my whole life
      flashed before me in a burst of loving heat,

      I felt comfort flow from my head
      all the way down to my feet,

      And then God told me that He knew
      the reason why I was there,

      I even felt His presence
      in every strand of my hair,

      He said you had to tell Me
      that you loved Me, face to face,

      And I can see that you brought into my office
      the sincerity of amazing grace,

      Then God typed me out a check
      with my name on the dotted line,

      Promising that when my life was done
      He would never leave me behind,

      I cried and fell on my knees before Gods desk
      as He pulled me up from the floor
      like a bird fallen from a nest

      And kissed and embraced me
      stroking my cheek with His mighty hand,

      I never felt so much love and kindness
      it was all that I could stand,

      I glowed with happiness
      as God lead me to the door,

      And thanked me for arriving on time
      and not making him wait
      one minute MORE.

      Pierre Andre 2008 �
      All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved