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3668Poem - A Drop of Water

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  • pierre jefferson
    Feb 27, 2008
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                           A Drop of Water

      I'm nothing but a drop of water
      trying to find a place to live,
      Fearing I will evaporate
      before I can give all i can give.

      Absorbing and expressing energies
      that dwell deep inside
      From the core of my being
      to ever changing flesh I can not hide.

      Like a wet country road my foot steps
      may slowly fade away
      Making impressions in the falling mist
      before they are frozen into harden clay.

      I can not remain in the rain
      and call my self a single drop
      I must flow with other passing waters
      to give greater life to a growing crop.

      And if the harvest is good I shall feel that
      my worth here on Earth will not be in vain
      Like steam flowing back up to Heaven
      from the stack of a moving train.

      Then I can evaporate into
      a peaceful and light transformation,
      Back inside the clouds of Glory
      falling back onto Earth again
      with healing RESTORATION.

      Pierre Andre 2008 (c)
      All Rights Reserved