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3576FW: Elizabeth Atkins Can Write Your Book for 2008!

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Jan 1, 2008

      Listed below is a posting, from our fellow group member,
      Elizabeth Atkins, which is being forwarded to our group !! :D

      You've been dreaming about
      writing your book for years... 

      Elizabeth in Pink

      "I'll write
      your book!"

      Bestselling Author

      Elizabeth Atkins 

      Can Make Your

      Book-Writing Dream

      a Reality!

      Dear Friend:
      Make 2008 your most spectacular year
      ever ... by finally writing the book that
      you've been talking about for years. 
      Too busy to write? 

      Having trouble organizing your ideas?
      Let me be your Muse - and Ghostwriter. 
      As the author of 11 books, and a journalist
      with a master's degree from the Columbia
      University Graduate School of Journalism,
      I can help you achieve this lifetime
      accomplishment, with speed and pizzazz!
      After writing books with movie star
      Billy Dee Williams, networking guru
      George Fraser, record company CEO
      Kenneth Tyson, Jr., and several other
      entrepreneurs, I can capture your unique
      "voice" and message to write a concise,
      captivating book that makes readers rave.
      I can write "How To" Books... Memoirs
      ... Novels... Workbooks... you name it!
      Your book can be a powerful marketing
      tool for your products and services. 

      It can forever record your life
      story for generations to cherish. 

      And it can inspire others to live their best lives.
      Just give me a call or send me an email so
      we can discuss your special project, and
      how we can collaborate on making your
      dream come true - as a published author!

      Please check out some of the books I've written:

      -- Elizabeth

      HOW TO:

        10 Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships

      Here's what George Fraser says about Elizabeth:

            "When compiling any list of people who
           have been instrumental in bringing a
           book to life, it is usually difficult to single
           out one person, but in this case it is not
           difficult.  I can't think of anyone who
           deserves more credit than my friend,
           researcher, and alter ego, Elizabeth
           Atkins.  She anticipated my every need
           and helped to shape my writings, ideas,
           thoughts, and themes into a cohesive
           whole.  Her knowledge, sensitivity, and
           writing skills contributed greatly to the
           end product you are about to read."

      - from the Dedication page of
      Click:  10 Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships
      (McGraw Hill, January 2008)


      Twilight, a suspenseful romance with Billy Dee Williams

      Billy Dee Williams says this about Elizabeth:

           "Elizabeth is like a painter.  She uses a palette
           of words to create vivid pictures on the
           page and in your mind.  She's wonderful."
      - Billy Dee Williams
      (St. Martin's Press, July 2002)


      Going Full Circle-From Life to Death to Life


      Music Co. CEO & Quadriplegic Kenneth Tyson Jr. says:

      Elizabeth in Pink

       "Elizabeth puts pen to paper and makes
           magic.  She captured my humor, wit and
           style to a tee, and wrote my story
           accordingly.  I couldn't be happier."

      - Kenneth Tyson, Jr.
      Going Full Circle: From Life to Death to Life
      (Self-Published, Hardcover, January 2007) 
      Let's make you a published author in 2008!
      Please call me at 313-492-5718 or email


        so we can make your book dream come true!

      This email was sent to __, by elizabethatkins@...
      Elizabeth Atkins | PO Box 31-2515 | Detroit | MI | 48231
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