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350Re: [Generation-Mixed] What to Tell The Kids....

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  • Brittany Link
    Aug 17, 2005
      I think it all depends how you act as an adult and the parents. if you or your famly makes a big deal out of the fact that they look white then that may be a big factor or issue is their life. The same goes for being mixedrce. it just depends on how much it is emphasized. I'm a women first, thats it. 

      wintyreeve@... wrote:
      Hello Friends-
      Of all the things you think of talking to your children about, especially
      mixed race children, my 4 year old son had quite the question for me!!
      I was watching the maternity show on Discovery, when my son asks me
      "Can two people who are not married have a baby?"
      Where is Dr. Phil when you need him!?!?!
      On a more serious note- I did take my son to a family reunion in Alabama. There was a room where all the kids were playing.
      My kids are the only children on that side of the family who look White. So I introduced my son, told his cousins how he flew on
      an airplane so he could visit. One of the kids kinda paused, looked an my son then shrugged. The kids were more interested in
      the airplane than anything else. Those kids tore that room up! They were wrestling, screaming and playing hide and seek.
      I really think that kids are naturally curious, and may have questions. But overall, kids are not born to
      fear or hate another person. So what we teacher our children, and how we answer their questions
      is really important in shaping how they mature, and how they treat others.
      Blessings of Joy & Peace~ Lynn

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