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3469Poem - METH

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  • pierre jefferson
    Nov 13, 2007
      It took away her pride and joy`
      It took away her abilities
      that jobs could not employ,

      It took away her motivation
      and her desire to read books,
      It took away her self respect and dignity`
      as it took away her looks,

      It took away her apartment because
      she couldn�t pay her rent,
      It took away her power to sell her body
      because it wasn�t worth a cent,

      It took away her family and friends
      because they no longer knew who she was,
      It took away her mind and sanity`
      till all she had left
      was a head ringing buzz,

      It took away everything she treasured`
      but eventually she had to pay the PRICE,
      Because on one cold August morning`
      without any warning`
      Meth took away her LIFE.

      Pierre Andre 2007 (c)
      All Rights Reserved

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