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3440Re: Which is worst?

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  • Your Highness The Queen
    Nov 5, 2007
      Greetings & welcome to the group Miranda,

      Yes, I hear all kinds of various assumptions
      on the subject of race and I've heard a few
      too many arguments or discussions among others
      concerning my heritage. The kind of people who
      do that within my earshot are even more annoying.

      I would rather be asked or included in
      the conversation, which is a perfect
      seg to my answer to "Which is worse?"

      Staring is the worse thing in my opinion. For one thing,
      I cannot assume why a person is staring. It could be
      about my mix because I am definitely unique in my
      appearance. But it could be other things & that creeps
      me out when a person just stares and doesn't speak.

      I also think it's funny/amusing when someone actually
      wondering what ethnicity I am asks me where I am from.
      When I say California, I consider it is also an amusing
      response because I wonder if there is any ethnic group
      that is not a part of California's population.

      There used to be a thing we would say to the
      starers. "Take a picture, it'll last longer!"
      Alas, there are now too many people out there
      carrying around cameras. Those people are even
      worse, the strangers who just snap photos
      without asking, as if I should have paparazzi.
      That my friends is what I call ultimate rude.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "killingthemockingbird" <cactus_kiwi_pear@...> wrote:


      I'm new to this group...

      Just a conversation starter, do you get people
      not actually believing that you are Mixed?

      I'm half New Zealand and half Malaysian, and
      people don't believe that I am either!
      They either think I am Swedish or American...
      Which is weird, since I don't have blonde hair!

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