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3438Re: [Generation-Mixed] Which is worst?

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  • soul sis36
    Nov 5, 2007
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      I agree with you. You are right.
      Of course, mixed heritage could be feel pain,
      experience, history, culture, and many more.
      Hmm, Mixed-Race don't show true
      feelings or share with that.
      It is hard to show the express toward
      feeling to families, friends, etc.
      Depend what the person can accept or not.
      It could be negative and it probably not show positive.

      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007@...> wrote:
      Soul SIS,
        This is also very true` living as a Mixed-Race person
      can come with a flood of emotional pain, not
      only not fitting in to a group, but always being made
      to feel guilty for being of Mixed heritage.
      It's almost like being inside a body that has
      no right to be here, where you're just a novelty
      or oddity to most people who may find your
      mixture pleasantly or disturbingly amusing.
      When you appear to look like two races or even
      three races all mixed together its liken to blending
      stereotypes together also that people believe to be true.
      So if your half "Black" and half "White` you may be
      perceived as negative and positive at the same time.
      AC-DC, for this alternating current can cause
      serious damage in a hurtful and inhumane way.

      soul sis36 <soulsis36@yahoo. com> wrote:


      I understand how you feel about this.
      That's true, I noticed what people act strange or odd behaviors.
      They feel about "mixed race" because it could be hurt or whatever.
      Depend how they feel comfortable or not.

      pierre jefferson <pierrejefferson2007 @...> wrote:

      Personally` i would say the annoying
      questions are hearing "What are you?
      Because explaining all the time to them
      "Why your different, and being made to
      feel like a alien that doesn't fit in.
      People think everyone should look a certain
      way, and if you don't look like you suppose
      to look then they feel they must correct
      or investigate why your a puzzle to them.
      Being unable to place you into the
      proper BOX` can even anger many
      people who need to fill in the DOTS.
      Mix race people are a threat to the
      visual perceptions of race, because
      society has a grouping system that
      we all belong to willingly or not.

      But on the other hand, some people may look
      away, rather than to acknowledge that you
      exist, and also feel embarrassed by their
      own social curiosities regarding race.
      Because if they look at you they know
      that you know why their looking at you.
      Because its obvious that you are DIFFERENT.

      Personally i feel both behaviors are annoying!
      its all part and parcel of a never ending need
      for us as human beings to judge each other.

      chris everett <talloreo@yahoo. com> wrote:

      This question just popped into my head,

      I'm pretty sure everyone hear has heard "What are you?"

      But as I thought about it, remember how whenever
      I go anywhere, people tend to stare at me,
      and everynow and then, I hear about
      this from other Multi-racal people.

      So the question is here,

      What's more annoying, people asking you 'What'
      you are or people trying not to stare at you?

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