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3414Re: [Generation-Mixed] Poem - BLACK HAIR

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  • pierre jefferson
    Nov 1 4:53 PM
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      You are welcomed Lynn...
      Your story really hit home regarding your struggles
      living in a culture that has rejected black hair`
      from the hair spray and endless binders.`
      I know you must have asked ... WHY? many times
      as you fought the battles like a unending WAR.`
      Actually black hair on men I feel isn't
      as serious a problem` as it is for woman.`
      The girls are really put under the heating iron
      early in life` having their mothers section and plat
      their hair after a ordeal with the family hot comb.`
      But the boys generally are given shaved heads and
      never went to the fire chamber for a beauty treatment.`
      As you said you never realize how much you
      loved your hair until it started to fall out!`
      like seeing flesh falling from your body, leaving a big
      bright balding skull bone for the whole world to see.`
      And the balder you get` the more self conscious you get!`
      even combing hair from the left side of the head
      to the right side to cover it.` And if you hot combed
      your black hair too much` it would become brittle
      like plastic and breaking off to the roots.`
      Yes there are so many ugly words directed at the
      girls or women with a head of war-torn black hair.`
      That's where the wig companies make their money`
      also, for those wigs are like stylish bandanas
      for victims of the black hair back-lash.`
      Of course if black hair is kept natural`
      all these problems would not occur`
      but as you said Lynn` our hair is meant to
      define who we are` its is our crowning glory.`
      Thank you for your comments): I'm glad you liked the poem
      and feel it can send a powerful message to especially
      teenagers who are really beginning to experience
      the social pressures of appearing `acceptable.
      Bald headed people may have no defining
      hair to bring out their faces` actually
      their entire head is part of their face`
      and keeping their scalps clean and moisturized`
      is about the only hairless care they'll ever
      need,` other than arching their eye brows`.
      God Bless

      wintyreeve@... wrote:

      This is GREAT Pierre...

      I really hope to see your work in an anthology soon :) I would really love to see "Black Hair" read to teenagers, I think it can be supportive for them.

      "Black Hair" could be my autobiography. When I was young, I hated my hair. I grew up in a small town where there was nothing to work with my hair except a binder and some Aqua Net. I would literally spray and spray until my hair was white and would not move! Somehow it always was bustin loose (haha). Then one day, just like you said, my hair started to fall out. Well I have so much hair, so thick hair that it was not a big deal at first. Then more and more and more is just falling out...

      You don't realize how much you love your hair until it is gone. And its not that you love your hair because its better than nothing its beause when you see your face for the first time, bare-- you can see clearly what your hair meant to define who you are, and what your hair did to shape your identity. Losing my hair meant learning how to love me--and to confront the ugly things that I was never meant to believe.

      I think your poem is so powerful, Pierre, because it shows what there is to love--and in such descriptive, colorful words. "Black Hair" inspires people to see their own stories, and to embrace what their hair contributes to their story.

      I am really thankful you shared this. I look forward to reading more of your work.

      Peace & Prayers ~* Lynn

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