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3407Elizabeth on NPR Again

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  • Elizabeth Atkins
    Oct 31 6:26 PM
      Hello Everyone!

      Just wanted to share... I had the honor of speaking
      about biracial people today on NPR-- on "News & Notes"
      with Farai Chidera...

      You can listen at npr.org... I spoke about the
      character in my new book OTHER PEOPLES SKIN... she's a
      biracial college student who has white looking
      skin--and coarse braids that she hides under her hat.

      So the story is called "Take It Off!" because
      ultimately she overcomes her fear of rejection from
      whites and fear of criticism from blacks -- and
      "unveils" her racial identity.

      She finds the power to use her dual heritage to
      resolve some racial problems on campus... it's an
      uplilfting story (with some hot romance, too).

      The book is an anthology of 4 stories by 4 authors --
      each dealing wiht a woman who triumphs over the
      tragedy of her racial identity struggles.

      Here's to a phenomenal November!