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3338Poem - The Gift

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  • pierre jefferson
    Oct 2, 2007
                             The Gift
      God has given us a gift that we use every day`
      a gift so valuable that we could never repay,

      Woven together with Flesh…Spirit…and Bone`
      complete with a conceiving conscious`
      and ears that perceive audible tones,

      Eyes that see fields of illuminating light`
      and seas of formations that enter our sight,

      A disease fighting fortress
      that functions 24 hours a day,

      The ability to stand on our own two feet`
      or fall into slumber along the way,

      A deep seeded sense to know right from wrong`
      or experience the Truth of a beautiful song,

      Or shed tears of loss in times of grief` or wonder
      at the waves of the Ocean` pounding against a reef,

      Or enjoy the laughter from a comical word`
      or see peace and confirmation
      on the wings of a bird,

      And see beauty and softness
      in the strands of our hair`

      As we may cover it with humility
      in the moment of Prayer,

      God said, I have given you these gifts as a Loan`
      for they are not yours to call your own,

      For in the physical they can not remain`
      they all must return unto me`
      from whence they came,

      Even your Youth may leave you first`
      that slowly began fading at the moment of Birth,

      Like the bud of a rose` will one day bloom into Glory`
      then its peddles will fall back on to earth`
      like the end of a Beautiful Story,

      For I Am the beginning of the End`
      and the End of the Beginning,

      Its really your Soul that never changes`
      for only your Soul has no Ending

      Your body was just a temporary Temple`
      a priceless gift from me,

      But one day you’ll have greater gifts than the Flesh`
      also the Gift of ETERNITY.

      But in order to receive these Gifts`
      you must remain Faithful unto me,

      Or the petals from a dying Rose`
      is all that you may ever see.

      Pierre Andre, 2007 ©
      All Rights Reserved