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312Re: [Generation-Mixed] Re: A few examples of the various 'Types' of 'Mixed-Race'

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  • j s
    Aug 14, 2005
      Nice title - I thought you were kidding for a sec.
      No , I'm just conceited ;P

      multiracialbookclub <soaptalk@...> wrote:
      Hmmmm  ... OK now Jeff ... have you been reading or viewing
      the play called, "O My Pretty Quintroon" (written by Townsend
      Brewster) -- or are you just becoming really conceited on us?  :D

      Just kidding – lol -- have a great day! :D



      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      j s <creolescience@y...> wrote:

      I hear the quintroons are always cute though ;)

      Jeff the quintroon

      jolisa <jolisaayson@...> wrote:
      I was thinking about the word zambo.

      I've talked to a hispanic man and he said ...
      The word was not possitive or pretty to him...
      I've seen old racist drawings
      of zambos and it is not nice...

      Zambo has different definitions all over the world.

      multiracialbookclub <soaptalk@...> wrote:

      A few examples of the various 'Types' of 'Mixed-Race' 

      1. of a mixed blood lineage
      2. the offspring of a full-negress by a full-white man
      3. the offspring of a full-white woman by a full-negro

      [Sp. & Pg. = mulato, masc., /
      mulata, fem. / pl., mulattoes]

      1. One having five eighths full-negro lineage
      2. the child of a Mulatra/Mulatto and a full-Negro
      3. the offspring of a mulatto and a griffe. [Louisiana]

      1. the offspring of a mulatto and a full-negro
      2. a mulatto [U. S.]
      3. a person of mixed-"negro" and
      American Indian blood lineage
      4. the child of a Marabou & full-Negro

      1. the offspring of a Griffe & full-Negro

      1. The offspring of a mulatto and a white person
      2. a person considered to be of one-
      quarter full-`negro' blood lineage

      [also quarteron (fr.), quarteroon, quateron,
      cuarteron (sp.)/ quarter=a fourth part]

      1. The offspring of a white person and a quadroon

      [so called in the West Indies / Written also mustee.]

      1. The offspring of a quadroon and a white person
      2. a mestee

      [L. octo eight + -roon, as in quadroon.]

      1. the off-spring of a quadroon and a white
      2. The off-spring of an octoroon and a white person

      [Sp. quinteron)]

      1. the child of a full-negro and an American Indian
      2. sometimes, the offspring of a
      full-negro person and a mulatto
      3. comprised of one-half American Indian
      and full-negro mixed blood lineage

      [Sp. zambo bandy-legged]
      (in the United States considered to be an
      offensive appellation for one who has any
      amount or part "negro" blood lineage)


      ---one whose ancestral origins is *solely*
      (or going back at least 6 generations) that of
      the race of black (or very dark) persons who
      BOTH inhabit the greater part of tropical Africa,
      AND are distinguished by tightly curly hair,
      flat noses, and full protruding lips;

      WHITE (current definition/description/ perception)
      -- one whose ancestral origins
      (going back at least 6 generations)
      has been is found to be solely that
      of any of the original peoples of
      Europe, North Africa, or Middle East.

      (Related link: http://www.mdcbowen.org/p2/rm/code_noir.htm)

      Here is an interesting set of commentary
      pertaining to this subject matter:


      [Note: Personally – I do not agree with much of A.D.
      Powell's `political' and other viewpoints, but she
      does make some good argument againsts the
      `measurements' (i.e. "racial admixture" -- amounts,
      percentages, quantums, phenotype results, timing,
      types, etc.) of the infamously racist `one-drop rule (-r).

      You may also want to take a
      ook at the following essays:

      [[MGM=MULTI-GENerationally MIXed
      FGM=FIRST-GENerationally MIXed
      MIXed=MULTI-RACIAL Admixture]

      [[ **This information derived from postings from
      `Ty Anderson' who is both the moderator of:
      and a member of:

      ("Man would rather be a little higher than
      the apes, than a little lower than the angels."
      "I am Black & I am White,
      and know there is no difference.

      Related Links:





      Each one casts a shadow,
      and all shadows are dark."
      -Walter White)]]

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