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31Re: Good Morning

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  • Lynn
    Aug 1 10:45 AM
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      Hello Friends,

      I know have an attitude sometimes but this is so funny,
      I had to share ...
      When I first met my mother-in-law, she tried to ambush me.
      She waited until my bf was out of the room then asked me,
      "SO what are you, anyways?" Her exact words, I swear.
      Straight face, no expression.. I replied, "Well a
      little bit of Golden (pause) Retriever. A little bit
      of Black (pause) Lab...you know, really different!"
      She froze. So funny! She didn't know what to say
      ...never asked me again, either.
      I can tell when people are nosy or insincere then I usually say
      something crazy. Once I even told someone I was a test tube baby.
      If a child is asking me, or someone ~ not having an
      obvious agenda, I usually am nicer (and more honest).

      Have a GREAT Day!! Lynn (GraceofWynn)
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