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3018Re: Hi! Newbie here.

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  • Richard Spandau
    Jul 6, 2007
      Well... I never met her in person,
      sooo........ lol. just teasin!

      Micah <micahusa@...> wrote:

      Sorry, but not her. I'm a dude. :)


      Richard Spandau <fc15027603@...> wrote:

      Micah..... that's an unusual name.
      I met a lady by that name in an AOL chatroom.
      ... I think it was. Possibly?

      "micahusa" <micahusa@> wrote:


      My name is Micah, I've been a member for a
      while, but am just now introducing myself.

      I am from South Florida, but
      currently living in Atlanta.

      My lineage is African, British,
      Creole, Polynesian, East Indian,
      Native American, Asian and Spanish.

      I am glad that this group is out there
      to support our "Generation-Mixed",
      also to educated others about us.

      I feel that it gets hectic and frustrating
      at times just "educating" others alone,
      because I have experienced some
      frustrating situations regarding race.

      For instance, I've had people blantantly
      blurt out racial remarks about certain groups
      without knowing that I was apart of them.
      I've had people tell me I wasn't black enough,
      say that I thought I was better than them,
      tell me how lucky I was and once this guy
      told me to go back to Puerto Rico, lol.

      Don't get me started on the "One-Drop
      Rule" -- which is complete rubbish.

      It just seems like when you've educated one,
      then five more "uneducated" people show up, lol.
      Just makes me laugh and think ... here we go again.

      I'm just happy that this group is here
      so that we could share our experiences and
      support each other in our possible struggles.

      Being Multi-racial has been a gift
      to me, because it's opened my eyes to
      many different cultures, traditions, etc.
      Therefore I am open minded when it comes to life.
      That I am thankful for.

      Thanks all! Have a good one.

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