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2993Re: Just saying hi!/Mariah, Micah and Tia=)

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  • Heather Stimmel
    Jul 2, 2007
      ~~~Welcome, ~~~ Mariah, Micah and Tia=) Nice to see some new members! My name is Heather (white, native american) and I have a soon-to-be 15-yr. old son, Alex (white, black, native american). We, too, face a lot of "ignorance," regarding "who" we are and the way we look. I am very fair-skinned (with red hair-lol=), so most people consider me white.
       As for Alex... he's a lot darker than I am (but, despite skin color, we do look a lot alike!). Strange, because... most white people call him black and black people, either, consider him black or mixed, or whatever they feel like that day!? As for what everyone else thinks, that's on them. Over the years, I've grown a very thick skin when it comes to what other people think! I think, you have to (if you want to remain halfway sane, anyway-lol!!!).
       The whole thing is disturbing, but the way this world, and the people in it, think. It is obviously frustrating. My theory is... people who cannot or will not accept us, based on something as superficial as skin color (ethnicity, religion, etc.), are not really worthy of my time, or concern, in the first place=) I have far too many REAL LIFE issues to deal with, without worrying about people who care about the unimportant things in life!
       Glad to have you, all, here=) This is a great group, with nice people and some very good opinions/views. You'll really like it here!!!
       Have a super day! Heather
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