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  • Mariah
    Jul 1 2:08 PM

      Oh those dolls look precious! Wish I had those growing up :)


      "mulatta_loca" rosanna_armendariz@...wrote:

      Aw, super cute. I think I want to have one made off of
      a photo of myself when I was a kid. That way I can have
      the positive-reinforcing childhood I missed out on ;0)

      "multiracialbookclub" soaptalk@ wrote:

      Hi GM-Fam,

      Hey -- did you guys know that there are these
      companies out that make these `customized'
      dolls that can match a child's features?

      Apparently – the parent sends in a photo and
      they create a doll to match the child's looks.

      Some of these dolls were pretty good matches.


      You know --- the little kids today probably
      don't realize just how good they have it.

      Way back when I was growing up – the so-called
      `of-color' dolls were becoming popular – but –
      unfortunately, I really just couldn't 'relate'
      to almost any of them -- and I think it
      mostly because they all seemed to have this
      sort of pin-straight, black-colored hair
      (which was a far cry from my super-curly,
      dark-brown hair with red highlights)
      which also always, 'naturally',
      went well past the doll's waist
      (and the dolls also always seemed to
      have a skin-coloring that was multiple
      shades in difference from my own.)

      Hey --- LOLOL -–- maybe I shouldn't complain
      about the dolls having that waist-length hair,
      super-dark, pin-straight hair --- after all
      at least it inspired me to take the
      very creative action of placing a black
      half-slip over my head and then
      (with the help of my all-new
      "bouncin' and behavin' hair")
      pretending that I was Cher Bono
      and "singing" in front of my
      entire (and very impressed,
      mind you) "doll audience".

      LOLOL ... hey .. come on ... cut me some slack
      guys -– I was like five or something like that
      (and people make a lot of money nowadays
      imitating Cher -- and they are not even
      half as good as I was way back then.
      Oh yeah -- I probably should have stuck with it
      -- and even made a career of it -- I'd be rich --
      rich I tell 'ya -- rrrriiiicccchhhhhh) LOLOL!!

      But seriously -- these dolls are adorable !!!!

      Have a great day everyone and enjoy the pics!!!

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