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2981Re: [Generation-Mixed] Puerto Rican/African Diaspora

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  • P José Antonio Oquendo Pabón
    Jun 29, 2007
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      Thanks Peter, when I saw that I thought it concerned
      a subgroup of our Puerto Rican DNA geographic group.

      My only comment on the article however
      is that, historically, 85% to 90% of
      Puertorriqueños (PR) are Mixed.

      To say one is ‘Black’ when one is ‘Mulatto’
      - and the color seems to point to ‘Mulatto’
      background - is not exactly right.

      Years ago, I attempted to show how ‘Pardo’ had
      to mean Indian / White and was told I was wrong;
      our PR DNA geographic project has proven that.

      Clemente appears to not own up to the non-Black or
      non-Indian genes - and that is not exactly right either.

      What one SAYS one is can deny
      WHAT one is because of WHO one is’.

      And the racial-barriers, in spite of the mixing that went
      on, were active as much in PR as in the rest of America
      from the cold northern gorges (what Cañada means) to the
      Patagonian reefs of Tierra del Fuego (sic, 55º S brrrrrrrrrr).

      Having grown up in Brooklyn, NY, however, I understand
      that Clemente took on The ‘One-Drop Rule’ from "over there"...

      And the taking on of other cultural values or notions
      is something I have experienced several times in my
      life - when I came back home at age 27 (OMG, 28
      years ago!), I had to divest myself of quite a few...

      Interestingly enough, we have many instances
      of what we call "Blanqueamiento" Whitening...

      People paid $$ to have the “darker” grandparents or parents
      "removed" from slave and Mulatto baptism books and
      placed in the "white" baptism books... 40 and 50 years
      out of sinc -- but at least they got them transferrred!

      Only thing was that the priests would write, "on such and
      such a date his Excellency so and so ordered the transfer
      of this entry to “white” book number such and such..."

      So they, at least, were not buying the Clorox Fix.

      I have paper trail back to XVIII, XVII and XVI centuries
      in some lines so I can appreciate that I have European,
      African and Pardo (Indian-Mixed-with-White) ancestry.

      For me that means I am OF all three, that I am
      NONE of the three, but rather something different,
      something new under the sun - although my scripture
      theology profs would kill me if they read that one!

      Thanks again, Padre José Antonio Oquendo Pabón, STL

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      Asunto: [Generation-Mixed] Puerto Rican/African Diaspora

      Hi all - Just wanted to share an interesting personal essay.

      The main link is below and the link to the story is below that.

      It is written by a black ('identified' ) Puerto Rican. Enjoy.

      http://www.blackand brownnews. com/

      Who is black?: a Puerto Rican woman
      claims her place in the African Diaspora

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