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2945Re: A note on 'Self-Definition'

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  • kier22_2
    Jun 18, 2007
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      Do it! get your teeshirt made.
      It does it tiring (lol) after a
      while having to explain yourself.

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "eekmod" <eekmod@...> wrote:

      When people call me for phone surveys,
      they always ask for my race and I always
      say, "Mixed," which confounds them.
      There's no box to check!
      For some reason, these surveyors
      don't even have an "other" box.
      I always pick according to my mood of the
      day: Asian or White. But it's annoying.

      People used to ask me if I was "Mixed."
      These days I must look less "Mixed," because now people
      think I am White and tired looking due to the Asian-ness
      of my eyes and the way my eyelids have always been.

      I am thinking of getting a T-shirt made that
      says, "I'm not tired, I am half-Asian."
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