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2922Re: Anti-Mestizo politics in Brazil

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  • nacaomestica@nacaomestica.org
    Jun 5, 2007
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      There are various ‘Black’ [-only] Movements
      in Brazil --- of diverse lines of thought.

      The Afro-descendant Movements in Brazil
      traditionally liked the Miscegenation,
      since the time of the slavery (abolished
      in Brazil in 1888 by the Princess Isabel).

      In the Black population there
      is supporting for it – and in
      traditional Black [-only] Movements.

      The Brazilian culture distinguishes
      a 'Mulatto' [person] from a 'Black'
      [person] and [also] a 'White' [person].

      In Brazil, 'White' is someone
      who "looks" like to be a 'White'.

      Colin Powell in Brazil would not
      be considered a 'Black' [person]
      by the absolute majority of the
      Brazilians, but a 'Mulatto' [person].

      A ‘Caboclo’ (Native + White) ...
      is not seen as an ‘Indian’ –
      a ‘Caboclo’, although he know to
      descend of Aboriginals, he does
      not have 'bonds or memory of' the
      Native ethnic groups he descends.

      Organized groups, various linked
      to political parties, however, had
      perceived that they could give a
      character of ethnic and racial
      conflict to the Brazilian chronic
      social conflicts generated by poverty,
      land and income concentration;
      a claim of a population without-land
      transformed into claim of a “ethnic group”
      without-land could gain great force.

      To divide the Brazilian territory between
      "racial" groups started to be seen
      as a way for the agrarian reform.

      Some ones understood that would be necessary
      to join ‘Mestizos', 'Mulattos’, ‘Cafuzos’ and
      other ‘Mestizos’ (Afro-descendants) in the
      ‘Black’ category to "unify" the Movement -
      educating these -- to link themselves 'only'
      to its African origins and to reject its
      bond with the ‘White’; the cross-racial
      ‘identity’, something strong in the
      Brazilian culture, became an obstacle
      for these groups – a motivation for
      some of these groups have an aggressive
      position against the 'Mestizo' Movement.

      In Brazil, the Census Classifies the
      Racial / Color groups in five Categories:
      White (Branco), Black (Preto), Brown
      (Pardo), Yellow (Amarelo) and Indian (Indio)

      The ‘Pardos’ are 'Mestizos' of Intermediate
      color between the 'White' and the 'Black' color.

      ‘Black’ [-only] Movements linked to the government
      had decided that Negro = ‘Black’ + ‘Brown’
      (in Brazil, the ‘Black’ [-only] Movements
      call theirselves “Movimentos Negros”),
      although many of these ‘Browns’ are a
      Cross-Race of ‘Indians’ and not of ‘Blacks’.

      This, however, is only one aspect.

      Only for help (we don’t endorse
      necessarily all the article), the
      selections of the following text (from
      http://www.brazzil.com/content/view/9656/78/ )
      can help to explain other aspects:

      Brazil Wants to Ban Mulattos

      ... and Give Blacks an ID.

      They Call This Progress
      Janer Cristaldo

      A stupidity cloud seems to hover over the
      Brazilian National Congress these days.

      Not that it would be easy to find any
      intelligent cloud over the Congress.

      But now there's a high concentration of stupidity and
      the whole country is threatened with a stupidity rain.

      Two projects, that intend to send Brazil two
      centuries back are being discussed in Brasília.

      One of them, by senator Paulo Paim, already
      approved in the Senate, wants to send Brazil
      ’back to the racist America of the America when
      Jim Crow laws were in force ‘or perhaps to the ‘Hitlerist
      Germany’ or even to the ‘South Africa of Apartheid’.

      To be honest, I have nothing
      new to say about the matter.

      Since talks about quotas started I have
      been denouncing this tactic adopted by
      the Black [-only] Movements as something
      that will only serve to stimulate racism.

      The stupidity keeps moving on
      with ever increasing audacity.

      While before all we talked about were
      quotas, senator Paim's project now
      intends to identify Brazilians by
      race, as it was … in Nazi Germany.

      Is the stupidity being repeated?

      This chronicler feels compelled to repeat himself.

      I have already commented on the Statute
      of Racial Equality, when I denounced
      recently ‘the extinction of the Mulatto’.

      With a stroke of a pen, the senator intends to
      extirpate from the country's history the most
      evident proof of the good racial conviviality.

      The expedient is elementary.

      As [full] ‘Black’ [people] comprise a mere 5.4 %
      of the to call ‘Black’ the whole ‘Mulatto’ contingent,
      which represents 39.9% of the population.

      Give a little time and Brazil will be
      defined as being for the most part-Black.

      By the way, this is how the country is already
      seen by many Americans and Europeans.

      The intention is to adopt the American model,
      ---- which does not ‘admit Miscegenation’.

      It's either Black or White.

      Some intellectuals, able to escape the herd
      spirit that characterizes the species, presented
      to the Congress a document with 114 signatures,
      with arguments opposing the Statute and
      the reserves required by racial quotas.

      Right away the document was satanized as the
      "White Elite's Manifesto," as if the mean White
      men were interested in maintaining the Black
      population far away from their territory.

      The government, which since then
      had been insisting on maintaining the
      academic quotas, felt compelled to back out.

      Now they are talking about social quotas.


      The senator's project still anticipates the creation of
      a special ID that will identify 'Black' people racially.

      According to the statute, 'Black' [people] will
      be required to carry their 'Black' ID card.

      It's funny to observe that in past decades
      the Black [-only] Movements had arrived at
      the conclusion that "race" 'doesn't exist’.

      Now it does exist and must appear in a document.

      Since Whitening is quite generalized in Brazil,
      perhaps a better solution would be to create
      a tattoo or another very visible accessory,
      like Hitler created in Germany …

      If such monstrosity is approved this country
      where miscegenation has always been the rule
      will start to officially discriminate by race.

      We are walking with large steps
      towards a Black [-only] Nazism.


      Janer Cristaldo - holds a Ph.D. from University of
      Paris, Sorbonne - is an author, translator, lawyer,
      phillosopher and journalist and lives in São Paulo.
      Translated from the Portuguese by Arlindo Silva.

      c09981 <c09981@...> escreveu:

      I never heard about this. What is their supposed rationale?

      In Generation-Mixed@ yahoogroups. com,
      <nacaomestica@ ...> wrote:

      Anti-Mestizo politics in Brazil

      The Brazilian culture and people traditionally
      recognize Mixed identities, as of the 'Mulatto', the
      'Cafuzo' (Native+Black) and the 'Caboclo' (Native+White) .

      However, the current leftist Brazilian government
      (of the 'Party of the Workers' - 'Partido dos
      Trabalhadores' , PT) is undertaking a anti-Mestizo politics.

      This politics is specily lead by racial Movements
      linked to the party of the president Lula who is
      introducing the 'One Drop Rule' in the country.

      The 'Movimento Pardo-Mestiço Brasileiro'
      ('Brazilian Mestizo Movement'), or
      'Nação Mestiça' ('Mestizo Nation'),
      was organized to defend the right of the
      'Mestizos' to be identified as 'Mestizos'
      (in Portuguese the word for
      'Multiracial/ Ethnic' is 'Mestiço').

      The 'Mestizos' has been excluded of
      the governmental politics and Mestizo
      movement has been suffered persecutions.

      We thank the Multi-Ethnic organizations help
      us denounce this anti-'Mestizo' politics.

      nacaomestica@ nacaomestica. org
      <nacaomestica@ nacaomestica. org> wrote:

      From http://nacaomestica .org/noticia_ 070601_lovingdec ision.htm

      Mestiços dos EUA comemoram legalização do
      casamento inter-racial no país1 de junho de 2007
      AMEA - Association of MultiEthnic Americans e outras organizações
      mestiças dos EUA estão preparando a Loving Decision Conference.
      A conferência internacional faz parte das comemorações do 40.º
      aniversário da Loving versus Virgínia (1967), a decisão da Suprema
      Corte dos EUA que legalizou o casamento inter-racial nos EUA.
      Informa a AMEA - Association of MultiEthnic Americans que o evento
      visar ser a primeira vez na história dos EUA que estarão reunidos
      casais "inter-raciais" , indivíduos "multi-raciais/é tnicos" e
      adotados "trans-raciais" , além de políticos, educadores/estudant es,
      celebridades, e organizações ativistas representativas de
      todas as comunidades para tratar sobre a mestiçagem nos EUA.
      O Movimento Pardo-Mestiço Brasileiro foi convidado.
      A Loving Decision Conference 2007: The Next 40 Years of Multiracial
      Communities ocorrerá em Chicago, Illinois, de 21 a 24 de junho.
      Eventos comemorativos também ocorrerão em Nova Iorque, Portland,
      Berkeley, Los Angeles, Seattle e outras cidades.

      Página Inicial Nosso Fórum /
      Nuestro Foro / Our Forum Hemeroteca.
      As páginas de divulgação de artigos e materiais e textos
      jornalísticos, já publicadas por outras instituições, que
      abordam temas e fatos relacionados a assuntos étnicos e
      raciais e o conteúdo e as opiniões neles expostos são de
      responsabilidade de seus autores, não necessariamente expressando
      no todo ou em parte opiniões ou posicionamentos do Nação Mestiça.

      Textos assinados são de inteira responsabilidade de seus autores.
      Movimento Pardo-Mestiço Brasileiro
      Todos os direitos reservados

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