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2903Re: A note on 'Self-Definition'

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  • Your Highness The Queen
    May 28, 2007
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      I understand how you feel in many ways.

      There are many who will "pass" me off as one thing or another.

      Once I had a friend whose mother always insisted I was White
      until one day she announced that her neighbor across the
      street argued with her severely, saying I was "black".

      The only great-grandfather I knew, my mother's mother's
      father, came to the United States from Norway.
      He was the eldest and patriarch of our family.
      Every year in January, for his birthday, we celebrated
      with a very Norwegian dinner of Lutefisk and Lefse.
      Although there were many other types of ancestry on my
      mothers side of things, the rest was almost overlooked,
      it was engrained into us about being Norwegian.

      The funny thing is later in life I moved to Minnesota
      (this was almost 30 years ago) where there are
      many people with Norwegian ancestry there.
      During the winter holidays, there are places serving
      lutefisk & lefse & this truly excited me because I
      hadn't had it since childhood & it had always been
      a treat (many people don't have a taste for it at all,
      but I loved it the way it had been made at home).
      I don't know why I thought I was
      going to rekindle my Norwegian roots.
      Every Minnesotan with Nordic lineage I told I was part
      Norwegian just about always gave me the same look of
      disbelief & said, "You don't look Norwegian at all."

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "osteoron" <osteoron@...> wrote:

      "Passing" is not a choice that I make.
      It is a choice that others make
      for me based on my appearance.
      People "pass" me for White based on an
      incorrect assessment of my lineage.
      Others exclude me from my other
      racial community because they do
      not "pass" me based on my appearance.
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