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2891Re: When you pass

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  • osteoron
    May 26 6:36 PM
      This went off topic for me.

      I used the term "passing" and for caucasian from
      the perspective of the concept of "white privilege".
      My name and my look provides certain privileges in
      society that I don't believe are fair to others.
      I have seen others with different looks and different
      names (which can identity a person's ethical or
      racial mixture) in very unacceptable ways.
      Even though they share a similar heritage to my own.

      In addition to the privilege that I receive,
      I also receive much racism including
      that directed to my own heritage.

      I always get a cab. I always get service in stores.
      I always get treated with deference. I have witnessed
      otherwise with people with the same racial mixture as my own.

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